Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We Are So Pathetically Grateful For Our New President: The First 100 Days.

We have become such a pathetically grateful nation. I heard Ron Reagan say yesterday that it is so wonderful to have a president we can be proud of. It's pathetic how grateful we are. We have spent the past eight years being humiliated on a daily basis by the Moron and his Gang of thieves.

(Loneliest job in the world.)

We are pathetically grateful for a president who, when he goes overseas, we don't have to cringe every time he opens his mouth. Just a President who can speak English reasonably well. Someone who doesn't grope the women leaders of other countries, make wisecracks to the Pope, chew with his mouth open. We are so pathetically grateful because the past eight years have been such a disaster.

(I like this picture. Jeans, windbreaker, definitely one of us.)

(Remember the Republicans said this was a terrorist greeting? They are so lame.)

(The troops seem to love him).

And today we will enter the First 100 Days Celebration. Is this like AA? Will Obama get a "Chip," a 100-day Chip? Do we, the citizens? We know the Banks and Wall Street got their 30 day chips already -- they pretty much cleaned out the house. Will we celebrate 150 days, 200 days? Probably so. We'll still be pathetically grateful.

(Our very handsome President and his lovely wife, the First Lady Michelle Obama)

(A bunch of white men running things isn't really "change." Where are the 50% women that should be in this picture? I'll bet everyone of these men has a background in law, Wall Street, or finance. That's why their "solution" to the economic problems is to give money to the white collar professionals, their friends and mentors. Put some women in here, some mothers, some teachers, some real people, you would get some real solutions. Such as job creation, free healthcare for every citizen, free education through college, invest in infrastructure, screw Wall Street and the Banks. In fact, throw those criminals in prison.)

Remember these pictures?

Recently a White House photographer took a photo of Caroline Kennedy visiting President Obama in the same office where the above photos were taken of JFK when he was president, and of Caroline and her brother John when they were children. President Obama stooped down and looked under the desk, remembering. It's a really cute picture:

(Thanks a million, Ted. For everything. What a wonderful Senator he has been.)

(President Obama viewing JFK Portrait in White House. Big shoes to fill.)

I wish Caroline Kennedy was the new Senator from New York. I assume the only reason Paterson didn't appoint her is because the Clintons put pressure on him, because they were angry that Ted and Caroline Kennedy supported Obama over Hillary in the primary. So Paterson made his apparently very lumpy bed of straw and chose Annie Oakley, a relatively unknown gun-loving barrel-sucker from upstate with no public name, who probably will be unable to raise any significant money for the next Senate run. And he passed over Caroline Kennedy who probably would have gotten $50 million in donations from around the country for the next election for that Senate seat. In her first month in office.

I understand Governor Paterson's ratings are very low, and he is looking to be a One-Half Term Governor. Bad decision to pick Annie Oakley over Caroline Kennedy. I actually hope Caroline Kennedy takes on Annie Oakley in the primary and beats her. Caroline For Senate!

(President Obama with Bill Cosby. Another great American whose lifetime of work, and commitment to education and to this country, was part of the solid foundation that made it possible for Barack Obama to become President of the United States.)

(In the oval office).

(View from the top.)

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  1. Thank you for sharing these pictures and your thoughts! I absolutely adore the one where he's looking up at the portrait of JFK.