Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Continued Success For U.S. Financial Cartels And Corporations To Throw Americans Out Of Work, Outsource Their Jobs, Ruin Their Lives.

Remember when Bill Clinton told the country that Nafta, outsourcing, the elimination of all laws that protect American companies inside the U.S., throwing open our borders to dumping of cheap products from other nations, encouraging American businesses to take their jobs over to third world countries to be done by prison, child, and slave labor, the elimination of all regulations on the financial markets -- remember when he said that would be a good thing? Remember? Because we Americans were going to be so rich, so educated with our technological specialty jobs that we don't want those lousy old normal jobs, let someone else do them. We'll just spend our days sitting around counting our money.

Well guess what? Everything that is happening to our country today is the direct result, the intended result, and forseeable consequence of the entire "free" trade ideology, which was at the beginning and still is just another name for throwing Americans out of work and destroying their lives so the Financial Cartels, the Corporate Insiders, and the politicians they own can be rich beyond imagination.

Certainly Bush and Cheney and all their scummy insiders took the ball and carried it towards the rapid devastation of our country. But Bill Clinton was the quarterback, he threw the ball, he got this whole thing going, and he misled the public, lulled them by his fairy tales about how we would all get such terrific jobs, not to worry.

Bill Clinton may well be remembered in history as the president who got the blowjob. I think he should be remembered as the president who screwed the working people of this country.


December, 2008

(Sept. - Dec. 2008)
1.9 million

2008 Total: 2.6 million jobs lost, worst year since 1945.

January, 2009

February, 2009

March, 2009

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