Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Press Release Re Funeral Arrangements for Republican Party

The former Republican National Party has issued a press release late today regarding the funeral arrangements. For the Republican National Party. The Party that once called itself the "Permanent Majority," has lost so many voters and politicians, become involved in so much corruption and stupidity, so many of their members have blood up to the elbows from international war crimes and torture of prisoners, that the Party has died.

Viewing will be from 11-12 p.m. tonight. Nobody is expected to show except the crazies because nobody cares anymore. The leaders have all fled the country and are reportedly hiding somewhere in South America hoping to avoid extradition. The records and archives have all been burned.

People should wear red and yellow as a sign of joy and celebration yet a remembrance of the blood spilled because of this monstrous crime syndicate.

There will be a somber procession of remembrance, then the symbolic ashes of this dead party will be dumped at the edge of town. A street party will follow. Free Beer!!

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