Thursday, April 9, 2009

U.S. Out Of Somalia! Invade Wall Street Instead. Seize The Assets. Imprison the Wall Street Criminals And The Politicians They Own.

(U.S. Guided-Missile Warship Sent On Mission To Confronts 4 Somali Dudes On A Raft)

How many U.S. military destroyers, brigades, special forces, and FBI Agents does it take to apprehend four Somalis in a lifeboat?

Apparently we're going all out on this one. We've sent a guided-missile U.S. destroyer ship. To fight four dudes in a raft? A lifeboat. Is it a rubber dinghey?

(Somali pirates)

Here's a question for inquiring minds: What's up with all the shipping in and around Somalia? Why is that suddenly a hotbed of activity? What's inside all those ships being "hijacked?" Think about it. Four guys from Somalia in a rowboat grab onto the side of a cargo ship, climb on board for what purpose? What could they take, in small packages, put into their rowboat, "flee" (how fast does a rowboat go) the scene, and make it worth their while? What "cargo" are these ships carrying?

It isn't like carjacking. You can't take control, then speed away from the area in a cargo/tanker ship, hide it in a garage till the siren fades. These are cargo ships. They don't go fast. The only reason to "hijack" them is if there is something on the ship that can be grabbed in small quantities, stuffed onto a rowboat, and be worth a lot of money when they row back to shore. What could that be?

My bet is opium. Being shipped out of the area under the control of the U.S. business and political interests who control much of the drug trade. But that's just a guess. An educated one. Because you have to wonder why the U.S. is so committed to not just staying in the poppy capital of Afghanistan, but increasing the number of troops in that country to allow complete U.S. control of the region. And the drug trade.

Of course when anyone ships massive quantities of illegal drugs from one place to the next, they don't describe the ship contents as "opium." It's like the truckers that come up from Mexico with the bags of oranges in the flatbed but bags of marijuana under that. When customs asks them if they have anything to declare, they say "Oranges." They don't say "Acapulco Gold."

Why is it that wherever there is a major center of drugs anywhere in the world, the U.S. military goes in to invade and occupy the country? Coincidence? Southeast Asia in the 60s and 70s. Central America and the U.S.-funded death squads in El Salvador, Nicaragua, and elsewhere, Ollie North's retirement slush fund, Reagan's memory lapse, weapons for drugs trades. And now Afghanistan. Hmmmm.

For example, the U.S. is militarily occupying much of Columbia to "stop" the drug trade, except it isn't stopped -- it's flourishing. So maybe the U.S. military is really occupying Columbia to provide weaponized patrols for the drug caravans bringing that stuff up to the U.S. where it can be processed, sold on the streets, and the profits taken by rich Americans and hidden away in private equity funds and secret off-shore accounts where all the rich people and the politicians keep their money. (Gasp! The U.S. government involved in drug running? Yes, actually, for decades. See The Politics Of Heroin In Southeast Asia by Alfred W. McCoy, updated version.)

(From Kirkus Reviews)

"[The author Alfred W. McCoy] shows that in the ``Golden Triangle'' of Laos, Thailand, and Burma, opium was big business and, often, the only viable form of currency. McCoy argues that, in their efforts to expand their own power in Southeast Asia, American intelligence agents permitted allies of the US ... to expand their lucrative drug trade. In the wake of the Vietnam War, McCoy contends, a similar relationship developed between American authorities and the contras of Central America. Drug-enforcement agencies sought the arrest of drug merchants often associated with the contras, while the CIA, viewing the contras as indispensable ideological allies in the war against Communism, did their best to thwart the vaunted ``war on drugs.'' The author produces considerable disturbing evidence that US authorities are guilty at least of complicity in the global drug trade, and argues convincingly that the drug problem at home will not end until a fundamental change is made in American policy. McCoy exposes basic hypocrisy in American policymaking, and demonstrates that, as long as powerful government bureaucracies work at cross-purposes, America's drug problem will not be easily solved. "

Does somebody really think that the criminals in our country, both business and government, would somehow stop at the thought of drug dealing? Why's that? They just killed one million Iraqis to grab the oil. How many people would they be willing to kill to get control of probably the most lucrative business in the whole world: drugs. If people weren't earning a living growing and selling drugs, they might riot, seize the assets that the wealthy have stolen from the rest of us, overthrow the corrupt politicians who do nothing but take bribes and lie. So the ruling class needs the drug trade. It gives them lots of money, and gives them an excuse to spread even more military occupational forces around the world.

And they need drugs to keep the population zombied out. What would happen if people stopped taking drugs, got off the booze, gave up TV and could no longer shop themselves to distraction because all their money was gone? Wouldn't people finally wake up and realize we need to take back the money that has been stolen from us and throw the politicians who have participated in this out of office? Isn't that what would happen?

U.S. Out Of Somalia.

We need the U.S. Military out of Afghanistan, out of Iraq, out of Somalia. Bring them home. We need our politicians to stop using our military as goons for the corporate elite who are taking over all the resources of the world -- from oil to heroin -- by using the U.S. military to invade, destroy, and occupy countries which have valuable resources.

Shut down the military global empire and associated involvement in the international drug trade.

We need the U.S. Navy to send destroyers, green red blue and purple berets, scary helicopters, submarines -- everything they've got -- to lower Manhattan. And send in the Marines. Take aim at Wall Street. Round up every person who worked on Wall Street above the level of receptionist for the last 10 years, bring them down to Fort Clinton for a little chat. Waterboard them. I don't think the public would object to waterboarding Wall Street Criminals. In fact, we could raffle off the job on e-bay and raise a bundle. I'd do it. In a heartbeat.

Screw the cargo ships off off of Somalia. Most of these ships have phony registrations in other countries anyway, so they can duck the law and avoid paying taxes, so why should I bail them out of their problems. Seize something back here, something that can help the people of the U.S. If we do not seize the money and assets stolen by these financial criminals, arrest them and throw them in prison, then we have lost. Everything else will be a stop-gap measure. Because the criminals have all the money, and they will use it to destroy what little is left of our democracy.

They already have most of our politicians on their payroll, doing exactly as instructed and betraying the people of this country. They have a consolidated control of the media to make sure all the public hears is non-stop lies, racism, sexism, hatred, hot air, and insanity from the people who work at Rupert Murdoch's Whorehouse. They've looted the U.S. Treasury so we have no money -- our country has no money because it's all been stolen.

They've stolen a good part of most people's pensions and savings accounts, sent many of our jobs overseas, manipulated our own money to create one after the next bubble in assets to allow them to steal everything from everybody. This isn't even disputed. It's a known and recognized fact, but the government will not do anything about it. These criminals through their multinational corporations, which are just mafia-style gangs for laundering money and conducting crime, already destroyed much of the world by predatory and murderous programs to steal all the assets, murder and enslave the people. Who really thinks they'll stop at our borders?

I guess anybody who spends much of their day taking drugs, drinking, watching TV, or shopping themselves to death still believes that "our" businesses, "our" politicians are patriots, they are looking out for us. But anyone lucid, sober, and not stupid, should realize by now that we've been hosed.

The U.S. Politicians are sending a military cruise-missile destroyer ship to Somalia to "confront" four dudes on a raft. Yet they refuse to do anything to help the American people who have been robbed, stripped of everything, left helpless in the streets of this country by the real pirates -- the ones in the banks and on Wall Street.

Seize the Assets. Arrest And Imprison The Criminals From Wall Street, the Banks, and The Politicians They Own. U.S. Into Wall Street!! Save America.

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