Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fox Sux

Rupert Murdoch's whorehouse, technically called NewsCorp, is partly owned by a Saudi Prince, a member of the Royal Family. Note that the Saudis forbid women from driving cars, appearing in public without a male escort, or breathing without a license. As well as having a brutal and barbaric government in which a few (who call themselves "Royal") steal all the wealth of the nation from the oil, and hand out pennies to the majority of the people, beheading and stoning anyone who speaks up against them.

You know, real Republican-type folks, "family values" of the middle eastern variety. Best friends of the Bushes and most corrupt politicians in the U.S. The same country that attacked the U.S. on 9/11, but whose "royal" family members were quickly rushed out of the nation by private jet when no Americans were allowed in the sky. Those Saudis.

It's no wonder the Bush family loves the Saudis, they share so much in common: a quest for more wealth for themselves, disdain for the masses, lack of compassion for others.

Well, it should not then come as a surprise that the big corporate spokesman for the right-wing, Rupert Murdoch, has a big part of his company owned by a prince from the Saudi Royal Family. They share so much in common. I'm surprised that when Murdoch ran the "cartoon" advocating that President Obama should be murdered, he didn't just show someone being beheaded like his good friend and business partner the Prince likes to do.

"HRH Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz al Saud, member of the Saudi Royal family, is a private entrepreneur and an international investor. Currently, the Prince has investments in several global and regional media companies. At the global level, he is a major shareholder in News Corp (Fox TV, BSkyB, 20th Century Fox, Harper Collins, The Times (London) and others), Time Warner (Time Magazine, AOL, CNN, HBO and others) and Walt Disney (ABC, Disneyland, and more). In the Middle East, he owns part of Rotana (movie production, music production, music sales), LBC Sat, Al Nahar newspaper and Al Dyar newspaper.

Here's the problem: the extreme right-wingers want to have a small group of people own and control everything in the world. The Bushes and the bin Ladens, Murdoch and the Saudis, the Taliban and the Mormons, all part of the same extreme right-wing that promotes the idea that a small group of mostly white men should take all the wealth, and everyone else should work, live, and die like a slave. Their ownership and control of the world's media allows them to create a fabricated story that they call "news," to keep the people ignorant. We need a law forbidding one person or group from owning more than one newspaper or TV station. And can't someone find a way to deport Rupert Murdoch?

Before someone says I'm ethno centric, and just don't want foreigners owning the U.S. media, let me respond this way: YOU'RE RIGHT. Send the whorehouse owner Murdoch back to Australia to toast on the barbie with the shrimp, and let the "Prince" go back to the sand in Saudi Arabia and control the media in the dictatorship in his own country. Leave my country and media alone. Bust up all the Fox entities and sell them off to private companies. Deport Murdoch and make it illegal for any U.S. business to accept money from Saudi Arabia or any other country that stones and beheads women who refuse to wear pup-tents when they leave their homes.

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