Thursday, April 9, 2009

Don't Send Any More Money To The Red-Taffeta And Cheap Perfume Crowd In D.C. Make Them Start Working For Us For A Change. We Want Change.

I'm 100% behind President Obama. I'm desperately rooting for him, because I'm terrified that if he doesn't do something, it's all over for us.

But I'm getting a little discouraged in his positions. It's becoming harder every day to continue supporting him. His split-the-baby style seems designed mostly to keep the money rolling in, pacify the progressives and the left by promises that he "will" end the wars, he "will" close Guantanamo, he "will" help Americans but we just don't know when since all the money is going to Wall Street; reassure Wall Street and the elite by continuing to shovel money at them; suck up to the religious right by having the Bigoted Pastor Warren speak at his inauguration.

Some of the people from the Obama campaign have set up a new organization called Organizing for America. Same e-mail list. Same substance: SEND MONEY. NOW. AGAIN. CONTINUE. MORE. And they say they are going to protect Obama, protect our country and so on.

I didn't send any money. I replied as follows:

"I want all the wars over. I want the Wall Street and Financial Cartels, and the politicians they've bribed, prosecuted and imprisoned, and their assets seized and paid over to the citizens from whom the money was stolen. I want Obama to stop covering up the Bush administration violations of my constitutional right to 4th amendment and general privacy restrictions against widespread illegal wiretaps and intrusions into my rights. I want the Bush administration investigated, prosecuted, and imprisoned, for violation of international law, torture, murder, and international war crimes."

"So no, I won't be sending any money. Do something for me for a change. I'm waiting."

I don't think the president should be essentially continuing fund-raising for his next election. He just got into office. This looks like a permanent fund. Why not raise money for progressive media, for example? If Obama was worried about money, maybe he shouldn't have spent so much Wall Street money on his inauguration. In any event, he's gotten enough money from working people. When does he start doing something for us?

When will the Democrats make real campaign finance reform? Everytime I see anyone from Congress being interviewed, with their red low-cut taffeta gowns, push-up bras, cheap perfume, alluring glances at every Wall Street John that passes them by, they always say: "Oh, it's the system, the system makes me whore for money, I really hate it." Yeah, not as much as I hate being sold out by a bunch of traitorous back-stabbing money-grubbing war-loving liars. They keep saying the Democratic party will stand up for the working people of this country. When? We're getting tired of waiting.

So now that the Democrats are in charge, they need to use this moment to end the corruption in politics, get money out of it. Raise your hand if you think they will. I think they'll use their dominant position to whore themselves at a furious pace, double-shifts, because now they're the "popular" girls on Wall Street. (With apologies to the real prostitutes who work hard for their money, and aren't betraying the citizens of this country when they peddle their asses for money. They're just earning a living, the hard way.) I'm really getting tired of the Democratic Party.

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