Thursday, April 2, 2009

G-20: How Many Heads Of State Does It Take To Figure Out That Somebody Robbed The Bank, And The Rich Guys With All The Money Are The Ones Who Did It?

President Obama has spent the last few days meeting with the heads of the major nations of the world and discussing ways in which they might work together to try to stabilize the world economy, and prevent a complete collapse.

Now these are supposedly all really smart people. Heads of their nations. Big, important nations and titles. Lots of responsibilities. Staff.

So how likely is it that they really don't know what happened, or how to fix it? Does it seem plausible that they just don't read the newspaper? Maybe. They are clueless? Haven't heard the news yet that a few rich people robbed the banks? And that the rich people with the big bags of money are the ones who did it?

As far as solving the problem, it's really not that hard. Just have a wealth tax. Tax all the rich people. Take everything they own above a certain amount, and redistribute it to the rest of the world. Oh yeah -- when those rich people hide their money in their private "charities" -- that's just a way to avoid paying taxes in their own countries, so take everything from those charities too. If we had a world in which every single human being was guaranteed shelter, food, medical care, an education, and a job, we wouldn't need to depend on "charity" to save a baby from starvation.

Let's say you have a married couple, two kids. We'll leave them five million dollars. More money than most people could spend in their entire lives, even if they went to the mall, and to the movies, and ate out every day. It's more than enough. But not so much that they can bribe politicians, corrupt governments, fund private police and military death squads, invade third world countries and steal their resources. Not that much.

Not surprisingly, many of the foreign leaders believe that since Wall Street and the richest people in the U.S. have stolen most of the money, defrauded so many countries, looted the banks around the world, then the U.S. should fix the problem. Perhaps President Obama explained to these foreign leaders that if he tries to grab all the money Wall Street stole, the biggest CEOs and bank heads and stock dealers will likely just flee the country and leave all the stolen money hidden offshore in secret private equity funds, and millions will starve because there will be no money. Everything will collapse. Perhaps he explained that to them.

Or perhaps President Obama really believes there is some value to propping up the bank and private financial cartels. It's hard to imagine he's that stupid. I see this as more a gun-to-the-head type of decision: he either gives them billions more or they collapse the whole thing. And if that happened, there would be international starvation, rioting, wars, a complete breakdown of any system of government in many countries. Of course many people around the world already live like that.

The thing to remember is this: the richest people in this country (which includes some of our most corrupt politicians, and also includes people who parade around in costumes claiming to be philanthropists but actually just hiding their money in lots of holes around the world) -- they know that millions of people are hungry, have no healthcare, millions of children die for lack of a glass of water or a bite of food. And they don't care. Not a bit. And they wouldn't care if it happened to us, or to the U.S. children, either. So don't doubt for a minute that they're playing hardball.

So where does it end? They have all the money. They plan to use it to advance evil: destruction of all democracies by taking away all the money so governments don't even have funds to provide basic services. Mass starvation as a punishment, a teaching tool for populations who are disobedient, or maybe just unwanted.

People around the world are beginning to get out and demonstrate, telling the major leaders of the world that they'd better get busy and fix this mess. I hope someone is listening.

I think we need an international crime-fighting organization, like Interpol, and an agreement from all the major nations to seize all the money of the rich people, put it into a joint fund, then pay it out to the victims. Immediately distribute money to all the countries so they can stay afloat.

What we have now is a system in which rich people from different countries are working together in private equity funds to take over the entire world. They go from one place to the other, paying bribes, corrupting the governments, looting everything. As soon as people in one country demand a living wage, these people pull all the jobs and take them to another country. They also start wars, and have millions of young people murdering other young people -- just like the street gangs -- and it goes on in every single generation. How can we stop them unless we take all their money, seize it? It should be like a raid on the Mafia, two a.m. gang round-ups in L.A., a surprise dawn assault. The time has come.

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