Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pirates Attack United States!

Have you heard the news? It's a Pirate Attack!! Pirates have attacked the United States, taken control of our wealth, struck down our nation in its infancy, will leave our children hungry and our people without crops or shelter. But don't despair. The United States Government has sent a massive response to the area, and they are now .... partying with the Pirates. Oh well.

We hear a lot about some of the poorest people in the world, in and around Somalia, who go out in rowboats and hijack ships. What a way to make a living. But it's all over the news: they've got one of ours. Honestly, how can some poor people in a rowboat hijack some huge vessel? Anyway, they do it, every day. And the reason they do it is because there is no other way for them to make a living or for their families to survive. Which is pretty much the reason for chaos, war, conflict everywhere in the world. If those ships are so full of valuable cargo, why is it being taken away from those poor people, and why isn't there enough money to feed these people? All the bounty of those lands is being stolen by people from other nations. That's the real crime here.

Now the U.S. Navy has sent some huge ship to the area to "defend" our interests against some poor guys in a rowboat who have captured the captain and are demanding what? A meal? A couple of dollars, maybe? I wonder if our government will nuke the guys in the rowboat, or maybe drop a bunker-buster on them. You know, get those terrorists.

But back here in the United States, the real pirates, the ones on Wall Street, have hijacked the entire world and all the vessels in it. Stolen everything from everyone. What does our government do to these pirates? The white ones, the rich ones, the ones in nice suits with private jets? Our politicians party with them, share the loot. Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Cristal.

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