Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Right-Wing Keeps Stealing All The Money That Working Americans Pay Into The Social Security Retirement Fund.

(Grover Norquist, Enemy of the People)

Grover Norquist is a right-wing propagandist, spokesperson for the rich and evil, hater of America and Americans, selfish, greedy, lying, deceitful, despicable, corrupt sack of trash. He once said that he wants to shrink the American government down to the size that it could be drowned in a bathtub. I wish someone would cut Grover Norquist down to size so he could be drowned in a bathtub. Or better yet, maybe he'll have an attack of conscience and drown himself. He is the main spokesperson (before the deaf, dumb, fat guy on the radio) promoting the destruction of the United States government. He wraps himself in a cloak of "conservative," but he's really a hit man -- and he's got a contract on all the working people of America. Grover Norquist is an enemy of the people.

Why does he want the U.S. government to be destroyed? So the rich people he represents, the multinational corporations and foreign corporations, can control everything in the world, and the people of the world will have no rights, no power, no money, no hope. It's just that simple.

People work their entire lives and often end up with very little money. Too old, tired, feeble, sick to keep working, or maybe there are no jobs available, they are fired from their long-term jobs because of age discrimination, and they cannot get a job anywhere else for the same reason. Or maybe they get sick. And now we have an official government policy of paying people almost no interest, no return on any money they put into a secure investment such as a savings account or CD. So even when old people saved some money, assuming they could preserve the principal and get at least 5% interest, now even that has been taken away by the bankers, the Wall Street Criminals, and the federal government's monetary policy intended to help the multinational corporations while crushing American citizens.

But every single paycheck, every payday, no matter how small anyone's wages, working Americans pay money into a special fund called the Social Security and Medicare Fund. That is the only national pension and old-age fund that we have in this country. People pay into it their entire working lives knowing that when they are too old to work, they will be entitled to receive a monthly pension and to have their medical expenses paid by the government. Without that, many old people would not be able to live. It is just that simple. Social Security and Medicare represent the difference between having a place to live or sleeping on the street. It represents the difference between being able to get medical treatment for cancer or simply being told to go home to die.

Social Security and Medicare are necessary programs, set up during the Great Depression (as opposed to the current Bush-Cheney Depression). Originally, the total "tax" assessed on working people's paychecks was just 1%. Just 1% of the paycheck was paid into this special old-age fund. But the government keeps raising the Social Security tax and cutting taxes for rich people and businesses. Then they turn around and steal the money from the Social Security fund, and give it away to the rich people and the businesses.

It is a crime the way that people's retirement money has been looted by successive administrations. Let's stop it now. Let's stop the fraud on the American public. Let's make the government pay back to Social Security all the money they've looted over the years. Instead of giving money to the criminals in the banks and on Wall Street, let's repay the money that is owed to our senior citizens.

We keep hearing that Social Security is broke, but that's not true. Social Security keeps being looted by politicians, the money stolen and squandered, given to bankers and Wall Street Criminals, used to buy cocaine and whores and private yachts and jets and villas on Lake Como. But the system itself should be overflowing with wealth, if not for the continued theft of the money by politicians.

For example, a person approaching retirement today easily can have paid in as much as $500,000 during their working life, assuming interest accrues on the deposits. If the retiree is only paid 5% of the amount they paid in -- $25,000/year (which would be about the right benefit under the current schedules), they would receive that money their entire life until they die. But when they die, the money, the principal, would still be sitting there, part of a fund, available to help other workers.

The right-wing, represented by Grover Norquist, Enemy of the People, wants to destroy Social Security. They always have. They think that when people get old, they should either keep working or die. The right-wing does not want the citizens of the U.S. to have a cushion, or a safety net. They want us as desperate and pathetic and hopeless as any poor third world person, because a desperate, pathetic and hopeless population can be easily controlled.

All the morons who are stocking up on ammunition and hand-guns because they're going to "protect" themselves are ignoring the obvious: their jobs, job security, living wage, medical care, pensions, it has all already been taken away. They already lost without a shot being fired. And who are they going to shoot anyway? The unseen multinational corporations who are running everything? No, more likely they'll shoot their neighbor, who never did a thing to hurt them or anyone else.

Social Security is supposedly the third rail -- like nobody dare harm the old people. But that's a lie. Social Security is the right-wing's favorite victim, and they come back again and again to steal all the money that working people pay into it.

For example, when that senile old coot Ronald Reagan took office, he slashed taxes for the rich and for businesses. The problem was that once he did that, there was not enough money to fund the government, keep it going. So what Reagan did, with the assistance of Greenspan, was to come up with some phoney "crisis" in Social Security which led to the Social Security (payroll) taxes being increased, and that money was looted from Social Security and used to give tax cuts to the wealthy. A radical increase in taxes on working people, all done under the fraudulent claim that Social Security was broke.

(Grover Norquist, Enemy of the People, with one of his bosses)

So instead of this increase in Social Security taxes being used to protect Social Security, being held for the old people, it was stolen by Reagan and given to his wealthy and powerful friends. For a thorough discussion of Reagan, Greenspan, Social Security, see Ravi Batra's book Greenspan's Fraud, and this 1999 interview with Rabi Batra in which he predicted a crash of the U.S. Economy:

That's what Al Gore was talking about when he said we need a lock-box on Social Security. The federal government keeps stealing all that money and looting the system, simply waiting for it to collapse at which point they will say: Oh well, I guess there's no more social security.

Or maybe they'll say Oh well, I guess we have to cut benefits. See article below in which Dean Baker discusses the fact that once again, some people are calling for a cut in Social Security benefits. But the truth is that those benefits should be increased. The government should repay the money that has been stolen from Social Security. Old people, and all of our country's future retirement money, should be protected instead of giving more money to the criminals in the banks and on wall street.

I've heard in recent days that some heads of government are cautioning that we should not revert to "protectionism," in response to the Bush-Cheney Depression. But that's such a con job. We already have an entire world economic system premised on the idea of protectionism. It's just that the rich people are being protected, and the rest of us are being crushed.

What we need is protectionism. We need to protect our jobs, our living wages, pensions, healthcare (which should be provided, along with dental, to all citizens, free of charge), education, the right to such basics as affordable housing and unemployment compensation that pays enough for people to live until they can get another job. We need to protect our Social Security and Medicare program. We need a government to start standing up for us, the people, to protect us. Instead of just protecting the rights of rich people to plunder, loot, steal, lie, cheat, pollute, poison, and murder working people the world over.

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