Friday, February 5, 2010

You Know Why The Democrats Can't Get Anything Done? Because They're Always On The Defense.

I remember during the recently-departed Bush years, when Democrats ran from one issue or insult or provocation or threat to the next. They never seemed to be focused on anything, it was just Oh No, here come the Republicans. Do you know what Rush said, or O'Really said, or that disgusting put-an-apple-in-his-snout Roger Ailes said? Eeke, eeke, what next.

Once Obama got elected and the Democrats took control, I expected to see a platform, a program, something clear that people would understand, and forward march.

Where is Patton when we need him? Instead of leading the forward charge, Obama has been over on Wall Street sucking up to the brokers, over in the Republican chambers sucking up to them, over in the right-wing "Christian-fascist" churches sucking up to them. So exactly who has the program? And who is supposed to be pushing it forward, like tanks moving in on a city: the people who don't like it can get out of the way or get rolled over.

But that's not happening. The Democrats are still acting like they are the minority. Honestly, how do they let these little viperous traitors in the Senate stop them in their tracks? Lieberman on healthcare. Republicans blocking everything, nominations, platforms, programs.

We need a tank commander, and somebody better get him here quick or we will be in full retreat. I do not accept this 60-vote b.s. as an excuse. Bush got things done -- bad things -- and he had fewer than 55 votes. The Democrats had better get something real done real quick, or they will lose control of Congress this year. Mostly because their former supporters will just give up and stay home. Or rather, will be working two jobs, and won't take time off to vote.

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