Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Evan Bayh's Ambition Always Exceeded His Talents.

I'm not sure I can stand another news-cycle of The Great Lectures by Evan Bayh. Now he's all puffed up with self-righteousness proclaiming himself The One Innocent Man and condemning every other person in Congress or, perhaps, in government. He apparently sees himself as heroic. I'm not sure why. Maybe he sees himself running for the top spot with Sarah in 2012. They could call themselves "A Team Of Quitters."

He's about as white-bread and ineffective as a politician can be. He is rumored to have wanted the V.P. spot for several cycles now, and his name was on several lists of possibilities. But alas, he was passed over. Perhaps that is because his nickname is Mr. Republican, not a good choice for a Democrat.

Listening to lectures from Evan Bayh about corruption is like listening to a prostitute lecture on the importance of honoring a purity ring.

Evan Bayh obviously got into politics not because of his own talents, but because of his father's considerable reputation (Birch Bayh). Evan Bayh is not the richest Senator, and probably not the most corrupt. But that doesn't mean he's an honest man. His personal net worth is listed as between $1.0 and $3.0 million, but most of his money (93%) is invested in Healthcare. Remember that?

Click on the above link, then click on Assets (for Evan Bayh), and you will see that senator Bayh has 93% of his investments in health "services."

The problem with healthcare in this country is that it is too expensive. Too many do-nothings paid big salaries for using their political connections. We would have to add Evan's wife Susan to this list, having been paid over $2.0 million by Wellpoint, one of the biggest health insurers in the country. In fact, Susan has apparently used her husband's connections to get herself a series of obscenely well-paid positions in the healthcare field. If Evan Bayh was truly an honorable man, he would have asked his wife to avoid working for such a major industry when it created such an obvious appearance of a conflict of interest.

What is the likelihood that Evan Bayh would vote for a non-profit healthcare system to be made available to all Americans, like Medicare for all, when he and his family were making millions off of the existing system, the one that is grossly and obscenely overpriced? Shouldn't Evan have recused himself from even commenting on this subject given his wife's lucrative employment? I would think so.

Let's put some money on this. I say Evan Bayh will be a lobbyists for the health industry within hours of his leaving the Senate. He will finally be in the right position: get paid lots of money for doing almost nothing except colluding with the corporations that are hell-bent on destroying our citizens.

Bye-Bye, Bayh.

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