Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nuclear Power Plants Kill. Shame On Obama.

There have been no new nuclear power plants built in the last 30 years in this country, ever since the accident at the nuclear power plant in Three Mile Island. Among other things, the financial institutions will not loan the money for nuclear power plants to be built or operated because they know the risk is too great that there will be an accident, and/or leakage, people will get cancer and die, and they will be sued.

Can you imagine Wall Street shying away from a risky investment? Well, they do in this case.

Not to worry. Barack Obama has come out and proposed that the U.S. government will provide or back every loan needed to start building new nuclear power plants. The first one will be in Georgia, far from where Barack, Michelle, and the kids live. Pity the people of the state of Georgia.

Remember all the green jobs Obama promised us? A new direction, development of green technology, super-fast new trains, public transportation, better homes, all of that? Air, wind, solar power development? Remember that? Well, it was just a big hoax. It turns out that Obama is so far up the Republican's noses that he's coming out their eyeballs, supporting the same policies pushed by Bush and Cheney to put millions of American lives at risk to develop nuclear plants, which are known to fail, and known to kill. What change?

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