Monday, February 8, 2010

Save The Tigers: Feed Them Christians.

The tigers of the world are being exterminated by over-breeding of humans.

Humans are destroying the earth and everything on it. All the plants, the air, the water, everything that lives in the seas, all the animals. All being destroyed by the unrestricted breeding of humans, which is largely the result of religions convincing their ignorant followers that they need to breed like bunnies so there will be more members of their religion, so the church leaders can get more money. Greed and ignorance prevail.

The people who follow those rules also tend to be the genetically stupidest people in the world, which accounts for the rise of enormous swaths of stupidity in this country. Following the recent decade of "Christians R Us" in which our politicians decided they were preachers, and instead of doing something to help the people, they just wave their hands our over hungry and destitute mobs of homeless and unemployed citizenry and bless us. "Bless you children. Now let's kill somebody."

Let's get real: many of the breeders are "Christians" in one form or the other. That doesn't necessarily mean they believe in Jesus Christ. It does necessarily mean that they see Jesus Christ as a logo and branding opportunity by which they can make lots of money, and justify anything they do. Some of the biggest thieves, liars, conmen and killers I've ever seen cloaked themselves in the name "Christian." They say God told them to do it. Jesus told them to kill. What a bizarre twist, that a man of peace is used to justify murder.

I've got a solution: feed the Christians to the Tigers. I'm not saying it's an original idea, but there is a certain equitable balance to it. The Crazy Christians insist on reproducing themselves with all their sub-par genes, in grossly excessive numbers. That throws off the balance in nature, just like when the locusts come: too many locusts kill the crops. If we start feeding the Christians to the tigers, it might help the tigers to survive and begin to reproduce themselves. Which would be a good thing.

After all. Which would you rather have as your neighbors: a foul-smelling, hideous breed of disgusting venomous useless animals bent on destroying you and your family? Or a group of tigers?

"'Fewer than 50 wild tigers' left in China"
Mon Feb 8, 7:25 am ET

BEIJING (AFP) – "Fewer than 50 wild tigers remain in China, a conservation group said Monday, voicing hope that the Year of the Tiger would not be the last for the endangered cats."

"Xie Yan, director of the China programme for the US-based Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), said that just 20 years ago tigers still roamed across large swathes of China."

"But based on data from the year 2000, there are only around 15 Bengal tigers left in Tibet, 10 Indochinese tigers in China's southwest, and around 20 Siberian tigers in the northeast, she told reporters."

"And the South China tiger may already be extinct. According to the international conservation group WWF, none have been spotted in the wild since the late 1970s. In the 1950s, there were around 4,000."

"Degradation of the animal's habitat and poaching of the tiger and its prey are blamed for its rapid disappearance." ....

"The global wild tiger population is estimated to be at an all-time low of 3,200, down from an estimated 20,000 in the 1980s and 100,000 a century ago. "

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