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Idaho "Christians" Jailed For Haitian Child-Trafficking

Some weirdo lady from Idaho got a bunch of her neighbors and fellow-Baptists to go to Haiti, snatch a bunch of kids off the street, and try to smuggle them across the border to some cheap motel in the Dominican Republic. They were caught at the border, and when the authorities asked the Idahoans what in the hell they thought they were doing sneaking kids out of the country, the Baptists said: God told us to do it. These religious fanatics are such liars. Crazy, but also mercenary liars.
They're from Idaho. The whitest, most racist state in our country. People move to Idaho specifically so they will only have white people as their neighbors. Meth addicts living in trailer parks, granted, but at least they're white. Idaho, former home of the Palin family until they decided it was too liberal, so they had to move to Alaska, like pork, the even-whiter state. The Aryan Brotherhood had its compound at Hayden Lake Idaho, and all the racists came there for meetings to celebrate their --whiteness. Idahoans, and Baptists, and fundamentalists to boot. But we're supposed to believe these people were motivated by a sudden compulsive desire to help the people of Haiti.

I think they were motivated by a sudden compulsive desire to get their hands on some of that money that's been raised by the charities to help Haiti.

The plan, as best as it can be determined, was for these Baptists from Idaho to go to Haiti, grab some kids, drag them across the border and park them in some cheap motel, then return to Idaho for fundraising. In other words, they were going to use these kids to make money. Surprise surprise, a Christian who's in it for the bucks.

Some of their co-baptists of course are saying that these people were well-intended. Compassionate about kids. Yeah, sure they are. There is a small out-cry at the suggestion that these Baptists were going to use the kids for sexual purposes. But come on, when you plan to put them into a motel, it does kind of look bad. I read one blogger who was certain the Baptists planned to rip the organs out of the kids and sell them on the black market. I don't think the baptists have a lot of fans on-line.

I hope these people are convicted and held in a dog crate in Haiti. I do not for one second think this was a compassionate or humanitarian trip. I think it was all about money.

For one thing, they didn't have an "orphanage" in Haiti or in the Dominican Republic. They were planning to create an orphanage, and to stick Haitian kids in there. And they didn't take "orphans." When confronted, the baptists admitted they had taken orphans and "abandoned children." How do they know the kids were abandoned, instead of just being lost?
And they immediately started fundraising. Maybe they thought they could get some of that big pot of money that's been raised by the charities. Maybe they thought they could get some of that "faith-based" government taxpayer money. How sick would you be to learn that these crazy baptists, living in the whitest and most racist state in our country, were kidnapping Haitian kids, smuggling them out of their country, and storing them in a cheap motel so they could get taxpayer money from the government.

I actually found a website that had been set up by these Baptists to solicit money. The brief blub said "click this link to donate...." but when I clicked, that link had been shut down, and it took me instead to the church's main website which had a statement supporting the crazy baptists. So they were soliciting money, but they tried to hide that by removing it from the internet. But it still shows up on a Yahoo search, pasted below:
Yahoo! results
For discernment of God's will and direction throughout this trip and for Him to prepare the way before us. ... Please bring these donations to Central Valley Baptist Church. ... - Cached

Here are excerpts from an Associated Press article, 2/4/10:
"Ten members of a U.S. missionary group who tried to take 33 children out of Haiti after the nation's devastating earthquake were charged with child kidnapping and criminal association on Thursday, their Haitian lawyer said. ..."

"Group leader Laura Silsby has said they were trying to take orphans and abandoned children to an orphanage in the neighboring Dominican Republic. She acknowledged they may have lacked paperwork but said they just meant to help victims of the quake. Officials say many of the children still have parents. ",0,3678171.story

Here's another article:

"On Tuesday, the 10 Americans were in a Haitian jail, awaiting a hearing to determine whether they would be charged for what officials there contend was attempted kidnapping and child trafficking. The group -- which has said it intended only to provide shelter and care in the neighboring Dominican Republic -- was stopped at the border Friday night with 33 children, many of whom turned out not to be orphans."

[The baptists,] "according to family and friends, secured a motel in the Dominican Republic that could function as an orphanage. The congregation responded, Henry said. Stacks of donated goods began piling up in the church lobby."
"[Pastor] Henry said the hope was that an orphanage closer to the U.S. would give congregants an opportunity to regularly help people in need. 'This was kind of a no-brainer,' he said. 'Let's go be a part of . . . changing kids' lives.'"
Ask yourself this geographically-challenging question. If you live in Idaho, and you want to help poor kids from a third world country, what is the closest likely place? Mexico. No doubt. Sin pregunta -- without question. Members of the church could drive down to Mexico to help the poor kids. So why would a small church in Idaho pick Haiti to start an orphanage. In a motel? The only answer is that there is lots of money floating around in the charitable world to help Haiti. Not so much money floating around to help Mexico. And these Idahoans wanted to get some of that money for themselves.

"Speaking from the Haitian jail, Silsby told reporters Monday night that the group lacked formal paperwork to transport the children, but that 'God wanted us to come here to help children; we are convinced of that.'"

"On Tuesday, the head of SOS Children's Village -- which is now sheltering the children -- said that the youths, while in the church group's care, 'weren't well-dressed, they were dehydrated. They needed medical assistance.'",0,3284945.story

The "leader" of the Idahoan Baptist Haitian Child Traffickers has a long history of living very well, not paying her bills, and being involved in lots of schemes to make money for herself.

"Haiti missionary left trail of financial woes in Idaho."
By McClatchy-Tribune News Service

BOISE, Idaho —"The Idaho woman who led a group of 10 Baptists on a mission to help children in Haiti admits to failing to obtain paperwork needed to move 33 children to the Dominican Republic."
"But even before Laura L. Silsby and seven other Idahoans ended up in a Haitian jail accused of trafficking in children, Silsby had a history of failing to pay debts, failing to pay her employees and failing even to follow Idaho laws."

"Silsby has been the subject of eight civil lawsuits and 14 unpaid wage claims. The $358,000 Meridian, Idaho, house at which she founded her nonprofit New Life Children's Refuge in November was foreclosed upon in December. A check of Silsby's driving record revealed at least nine traffic citations since 1997, including four for failing to provide insurance or register annually."

"Silsby is a longtime Idaho businesswoman. In 1999, she founded an Internet business. As CEO of, the mother of three was named eWomenNetwork's international businesswoman of the year in 2006."

"Fourteen claims, including two by the same employee, were filed against Personal Shopper Inc. for nonpayment of wages between March 14, 2008, and July 21, 2009, according to the Idaho Department of Labor."

"'In multiple e-mails during 2009, Ms. Silsby repeatedly told plaintiff that she had investors 'committed,' that the money was being 'wired,' and that investors were going to be providing funds,' the suit says."

The article lists a series of lawsuits against Silsby, foreclosure of her house a month ago, and several cases scheduled to go to trial early this year, as well as claims for the return of her car and non-payment for services. Laura Silsby was in deep financial trouble, and it appears that she decided that "helping orphans" might be the way out.
(c) 2010, The Idaho Statesman (Boise, Idaho).

I found this information at a baptist news site. Apparently some big guys in the Baptist church have sent a letter to President Obama asking for his help. I have serious concerns about the government intervening. These people went to a strange land and picked up a bunch of strange kids and tried to sneak them out of the country, to use for their own money-making plans. They make excuses about not having "proper" documentation, but they had no rights whatsoever to take these kids. Nonetheless, I expect Haiti to return all the Americans, and the charges will be quietly resolved. It's a shame, because people who use religion to enrich themselves belong in prison.

Posted on Feb 5, 2010 by Art Toalston
"NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)--An appeal to President Obama has been made by three Southern Baptist Convention leaders in behalf of the 10 Baptist volunteers currently being held in Haiti on kidnapping and criminal association charges."

"The Feb. 5 letter asks the president 'that you do everything within the authority of your office to secure a safe return home for these brothers and sisters in Christ as soon as possible.'"

"The letter was sent to President Obama by the president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Executive Committee, Morris H. Chapman; the SBC's president, Johnny Hunt; and the SBC's immediate past president, Frank Page, who is a member of the president's Council on Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships."

"'We have closely monitored news reports that these Baptist mission volunteers have been arrested, detained, and charged by the Haitian government on allegations of child kidnapping,' the Baptist leaders wrote to the president. 'It is our understanding that these mission volunteers were attempting to transport 33 Haitian children into the Dominican Republic for humanitarian purposes. We do not know all of the facts of this case, but we are concerned that the continued detainment and possible conviction of these Baptist mission volunteers will distract the world's attention and undermine the relief efforts so desperately needed by the Haitian people.... '"

"'The trauma of this entire ordeal is surely affecting the emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being of the detained mission volunteers. We ask, therefore, that you use all means necessary to secure for these mission volunteers the medical treatment and spiritual counsel that they need while imprisoned, and that you arrange for a representative from their churches or from the Southern Baptist Convention, or both, to visit them in Haiti as soon as possible. Upon their release, we also ask that those representatives be allowed to accompany them home to provide pastoral care and spiritual encouragement.'"

Here's the deal: because these people are christians, probably fundamentalists, they are presumed to be acting with noble intent. But I don't think that matters. They are kidnappers, they have stolen children and tried to sneak them across the border, apparently so this conwoman could go raise charitable funds and pay her bills. There's nothing noble about this. In fact it reminds me of those two American women who were in Afghanistan when we invaded that country, so our military had to "rescue" them. What were they doing there in the first place? Why do these people think that their religion gives them a passport to go wherever they want and do whatever they want, without consequences? They'll get away with it. It's too bad.

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