Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thursday's BiPartisan Healthcare Summit: Will This Be The Last Time The Democrats Let The Republicans Make Fools Of Us All?

Tomorrow is the day. Once again, for the Seven Millionth Billionth time, the Democrats are asking the Republicans to make any suggestions they might have about how we can fix our broken healthcare system.

It is billed as a bipartisan summit, because bipartisan is the color of the year. We shall all join hands and sing in one voice, stand together united, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

See the guys in this video? This is how young we all were (or so it seems) when the government first began discussing the possibility of doing something to help the American people, whose scrawny corpses are being pecked clean by the predators in the Medical Industry. So much time has gone by, so many opportunities passed. We chose war instead of health. We chose corporate subsidies instead of life.

I would suggest they skip this whole silly forum. The Republicans want the citizens to die, or at least have no healthcare. No rights, no jobs, no money, no protection. Do we really need yet-another forum to hear them say the whole thing over again? Were the Democrats not listening? Or do the Democrats just want to use the insanity of the Republicans as their excuse for doing nothing. Or very little?

Will this be the last time?

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