Monday, February 8, 2010

Did You See Sarah and Todd Palin Tea-Bagging This Week-End?

Did you see Sarah and Todd Palin Tea-Bagging this week-end on TV? It was funny-bunny, hokey-dokey. Sarah asked if people still liked the hopey-hopey admistration of Obama. Sarah was pushing her Nazi-Nazi program.

Tom Tancredo was there from Colorado to say that if the southern states had been allowed to keep black people from voting, like they used to do in the good old days, then Barack Obama would never have been elected President. Or something like that. Actually he said we need to have a "test" before people can vote. Which is how the southerners always kept black people from voting. The morons who were also tea-bagging in public, on TV, all cheered.

When c-span was covering the Tennessee tea-bagging live, I swear I saw Elvis in the building.

In case you missed the Sarah and Toddd show, here's a clip:


  1. Many moons ago, H.L. Menken wrote that the American political system made it inevitable that the candidates would be the lowest common denominator.
    In my youth, when I still believed that it was possible to sway opinion with information and discussion, I regarded Menken as just a bit too cynical. I still held the romantic view that people might change their minds with facts and discourse, searching for the best or at least the best compromises to whatever political question was at hand.
    I now regard Menken as an optimist.
    The rise of the yahoos and born again nut jobs to support the Imperial designs of the warfare state sometimes make even poor candidates look good.
    Palin, and the shallow slogan sayers she represents seemed an impossibility to me thirty years ago.
    Now they are given a voice in the nation and lauded by the fearful mob which longs for an age of security and an end to the frightening questioners of a confusing world.
    Don Smith

  2. It's scary, isn't it? When people are afraid, confused, the world is changing, they cannot accomplish what they had hoped, they don't understand, it is appealing to leap into an irrational faith and eliminate all the tough thinking part all at once. "I believe. I have faith." People act like that is a fair substitute for intelligence or rational thought. I was surprised I didn't see any snake-handlers or chicken-blood ceremonies this week-end.

    One of the speakers said that the only good thing about Barack Obama is that his election made "the people" of this country wake up and get active. The mob cheered this statement. I wondered what on earth is it about Barack Obama that these people hate so much.

    The fact is he's a pro-corporate middle of the roader who is continuing the wars these people love, supporting and obeying the corporations just like Bush did, continuing the funding of the fascist "faith-based initiative" with my money and against my will and contrary to the constitutional separation of church and state. Other than that, he has not done much of anything.

    So what gets these crazy people so excited about Barack Obama? Race. That's it. Their only unifying theme is that they hate black people, and are horrified to see a black man as president.

    Sarah Palin is a moron. But she's a great spokesperson for the fascists because she smiles, looks pretty and winks while spreading her hatred and insanity. A lot like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, when you think of it: a nice smile, empty head, faith-based and ignorant. She's the perfect candidate for the Republicans.

  3. Funny post. Excellent discussion.