Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Children of Chernobyl

Remember Chernobyl? A few years after the U.S. nuclear facility accident at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania, a nuclear facility in the Ukraine, named Chernobyl, also had a leak. Do you know what happened to those people? The children of Chernobyl, unborn at the time of the accident but born since that time to parents whose genetic make-up was seriously altered by the nuclear accident, those children have suffered the most. There are special projects in Ireland to help the children of Chernobyl. Here is a documentary describing the effects of that nuclear accident on the children.

1 comment:

  1. Madness.
    The ignorance of most persons about radiation poisoning and the silence maintained by the corporate media are an indictment of the worst kind of criminalty.
    The acquisition of immediate profit trumps all other considerations with these types.
    I sometimes wonder if there are two species of humanity on the planet. One set with empathy and feelings for life and love.
    Another set with only self fulfillment and greed as motivators.
    Don Smith