Friday, February 5, 2010

B.I.G. Snowtorious Storm Bearing Down On East Coast

I stole the headline from some news source: B.I.G. Snowtorious. I thought it was a clever way of saying: Holy Sh*t, Here Comes The Snow! Different news sources are scrambling to find the appropriate level of warning. I saw "blizzard-like conditions" in several places. Storm "bearing down" on east coast, likely to "pack a wallop." Lots of snow.

They are actually predicting 24-30" of snow in D.C. I cannot even imagine that. D.C., Delaware, Baltimore, parts of Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York. All in the path of the storm. "Severe winter conditions." "Snow, strong winds, poor visibility, whiteout conditions," travel will be "extremely dangerous."

It's not just a "storm watch," which is a lower level. This is a "blizzard warning."

Amtrak has canceled most of its Friday service from Washington D.C. southward. Schools have shut down early.

Heavy rain is expected in the southeast and across most of the West coast. There are mudslide warnings in burn areas on the West coast, and flood warnings in Lousiana, Georgia, South and North Carolina.

No reputable scientist will say that any particular storm is the result of global warming or changes to the weather system caused by environmental factors. But each of these highly unusual storms may be, could be a sign of things to come.

Because the major nations of the world, starting with the U.S. and China, have been unwilling to make a serious commitment to stop global warning, much of Africa may turn into nothing but an arid desert, creating massive international migration as well as starvation and death in the millions. Resource wars will not be just be about oil, but may be centered on food and water.

I like snow and rain. In moderation.

Obama should make a commitment to the people of the world to get real about global warming, to lead the charge so to speak. And if that starts by ending the use of oil, building facilities for research and development of wind and solar power, boycotting all products made in China to force them to stop their fossil-fuel explosion, then let's do it. Do it for future generations. Do it for the plants, for the animals, for the islands. Do it for ourselves. Wouldn't it be nice to throw all the bums out of office, and only elect people who act solely for the benefit of us, the citizens, and not for the approval of Wall Street and the Defense Industry.

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