Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stop Congress From Passing The War-And-Eurotrash-Bailout-Bill.

President Obama wants billions more of our taxdollar money.

Not to create jobs.

Not to provide healthcare to Americans.

Not to help our teachers and cops and firefighters to keep their jobs.

Not to increase unemployment compensation or pay for the healthcare for the un- and underemployed.

Not to fund daycare for working parents.

Not to pay for Americans to get such simple (but expensive) tests as mammograms and colonoscopies, which could save thousands of lives every year if only Americans could afford the tests.

Not to give jobs to the newly-unemployed auto workers, not to convert the auto factories into new green industries, not to create economic zones and employment education and training programs for our most-devastated regions like the Rust Belt.

Not to fund organic farms to stop agri-business with their Frankenstein laboratory-manufactured food-stuff which is taking over the world and probably will kill us all.

Not to provide flu shots for all of us. Not to fund the world Aids programs, as President Obama promised he would when he took office.

Not to provide medical care for injured vets, or jobs for those whose tours of duty are over.

Not to fund the international war crimes tribunal that we should be conducting right now to have investigations, hearings, prosecutions, imprisonment of every person from the Bush administration who participated in starting the war of aggression against Iraq, and all those who directed, authorized, approved, ratified torture.

Not to fund the financial crimes tribunals that we should be conducting right now to seize the assets of every person who worked on Wall Street during the past 10 years, arrest them, prosecute them, throw them in prison to rot for the rest of their useless and despicable lives.


President Obama wants more money for more wars.

And he wants to send $100 Billion of U.S. Taxpayer Money to his friends, the Eurotrash who run Europe's version of Wall Street.

I call it the "War-And-Eurotrash-Bailout-Bill."

Just like our Wall Street Criminals need multi-million dollar bonuses to pay for their summers in the Hamptons, so too the Eurotrash Financial Criminals need multi-million dollar bonuses to pay for their summers at Cannes or Lake Como. Maybe while he was in Paris last week, Obama learned that simply nobody stays in Paris in August, so returned to the states with a renewed sense of urgency about the need to send $100 Billion of U.S. Taxpayer Money to his Eurotrash friends in Europe.

Think I'm kidding? See the articles below.

Firedoglake has a link to some key representatives that people should call and urge to vote against this combo War-And-EuroTrash-Bailout-Bill. The site is a little confusing, but I think if you just call any of those representatives and ask them to vote against this bill, you would be helping to stop it.

No money for the Eurotrash. And you know what? Let's just end the wars and bring the troops home. Do we have to go so deep in debt trying to help the oil corporations destroy the entire middle east that we will all, for generations, sleep in gutters and beg for crumbs. Are the Democrats as insane as the Republicans were? Do all Americans need to die for Empire, in service of the Corporate Dictatorship? I'm sick of it. End the Wars. Now, not ten years from now. Now.

The International Monetary Fund ("IMF") is like a financial hitman that serves the corporate dictatorships of the U.S. and Western European countries in trying to take over all the resources of the world. Basically they are an arm of the uber-rich and are used to help set up puppet regimes and dictatorships to steal everything from local populations, turn over the resources of a country to western corporations, and charge obscene amounts to bankrupt the country and leave the people poor and helpless.

Now President Obama is trying to sneak through a big give-away of U.S. taxpayer money to the IMF. But he does not want a stand-alone bill that just says: "Steal Money From Americans, Send It To Eurotrash." Instead, he snuck this provision inside a new War Funding Bill. Trying to sneak it through. Supposedly the money would go to the IMF which would turn around and immediately give it to the biggest financial institutions in Europe -- European Wall Street -- to bail out their billionaire Eurotrash. With our money.

More money for war. More money for the rich. Nothing for working people.

"The Next Big Taxpayer Bailout? IMF Could Get Hundreds of Billions for European BanksBy Mark Weisbrot"
June 8, 2009, Firedoglake

"The bailout of private banks and financial institutions has become a touchy political issue in the United States, ever since President Bush’s Treasury Secretary and former Goldman Sachs CEO Hank Paulson asked Congress for a $700 billion dollar blank check last September."

"Now the Obama administration is asking the Congress for $108 billion for the International Monetary Fund. This was in accordance with a plan that the administration has helped organize to raise $500 billion in additional funds for the IMF. This would add to the approximately $200 billion that the IMF has on hand, $100 billion in gold reserves, and another $250 billion that the Fund will create in its own currency. These are enormous sums of money that the IMF has never come close to before. "

"What is all this money for? There is an answer staring us in the face from the financial press: European banks."

Notice how every single economic move by the big boys since Clinton got into office consists of looting and plundering the U.S. -- taking all the money out of our country, leaving us with nothing. Hedge funds (secret private banks for rich people), "offshore" private equity funds, secret Swiss bank accounts, major companies moving all their investments into third world countries. I'm beginning to think they're getting ready to nuke us -- not North Korea, but "our" people. Why else are they stealing all our money and leaving us with nothing?

See also:

Let the Eurotrash steal from their own people, just like the Wall Street Criminals steal from us. I'm sick of this betrayal by all our politicians and even more sick of bail-outs for the rich and powerful. And I'm really tired of these wars.

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