Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We Need Single-Payer, Medicare For All. And We Need To Strictly Regulate Or Shut Down Private Health Insurance Companies.

We hear the Democrats in Congress coming out loudly proclaiming that they would never do anything to take business away from their bffs, the Health Insurance Industry and the lobbyists for same who pay so much money in bribes to the politicians in Congress. "Why, if I didn't keep getting bribes from the health insurance industry, I wouldn't be able to buy myself castles, hideaways, gold bars and other useless crap," many Senators have been quoted as saying.

But the truth is that the Health Insurance Industry kills more Americans than the mafia or their gang-banger successors ever dreamed of killing. Ted Bundy looks up from the deepest recesses of hell and asks: "I don't get it -- they killed me, but these insurance guys not only get away with it, they also get paid big bonuses." The health insurance industry insiders should be sitting on death row with their names printed on little tiny needles for the torture and suffering they have caused to Americans, having in-house competitions and earning huge bonuses and free holidays for all the sick, weak, sufffering cancer patients they deny coverage and send to a coffin instead of a hospital bed.

Yet the Democrats receive so much money in bribes from this criminal enterprise known as the Health Insurance Industry, that they willingly turn the lives and health of American working people over to these institutions which see health care as a racket, and force people to pay exoribitant fees to see a doctor for 3 minutes and be told they should take drugs, which are not covered, then come back in 6 months if they're still alive and have a follow-up appointment.

Am I exaggerating?

Ask Patsy Bates, a 52 year old woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thank God she had private health insurance through Health Net, Inc. After receiving this terrible diagnosis of breast cancer, Patsy Bates began going to the doctors appointments to receive the chemotherapy that had been recommended, that horrible treatment known as chemotherapy which Patsy Bates willingly did because it could save her life.

When the medical costs for treatment of Patsy Bates' breast cancer reached $130,000, Health Net abruptly cancelled her coverage. Isn't that a good trick? You wait until somebody gets sick , then you either cancel the insurance altogether or raise the premiums by so much that people cannot afford it. Cool, huh? That's what they did to Patsy Bates, which meant she could not get the chemotherapy treatment that her doctors had recommended.

What is the excuse that Health Net used to cancel the policy after Patsy got breast cancer, and before she had completed her treatment? Her weight -- they said if they'd know her actual weight, they wouldn't have issued a policy. What difference does that make? She wasn't a contestant in The Biggest Loser -- she was a cancer patient who needed chemotherpy to save her life. The insurance company also claimed that they should be allowed to cancel the policy because they learned that Patsy had some kind of pre-existing heart "condition?" One of those dime-a-dozen valve things? In any event, what difference does it make? She got breast cancer, not a heart attack.

The case was submitted to private arbitration, and the arbitrator found in favor of Patsy Bates and against the Health Insurance company, finding its practices to be "egregious." I'll say. Health Net, Inc. operates Blue Cross of California, the state's largest for-profit insurer. There was evidence that the for-profit insurance companies have a standard practice of cancelling the insurance policies of any patient who accumulates a bill over a certain amount of money. In other words, as soon as an insured gets sick, the company cancels the policy.

I guess, if we want to be fair, the health insurance industry figures they can't afford to both pay for medical care for sick people and pay enormous bribes to the Democrats in Congress. One or the other, right?

All over this country there are people who have private health insurance, either that they buy for themselves because they can afford it, or their employer provides. And they figure they don't need any health care "reform" so they're against it. But what they don't understand is that a health insurance policy is illusory. People pay a premium every month, and the health insurance company will provide coverage for the covered medical costs incurred during that month.

What people don't understand is that if they get cancer in month 1, the insurance company can go ahead and cancel the insurance in month 2 which means they'll pay for the doctor's visit in month 1 when you get the bad news, but after that they're on their own. Or, in the alternative, in month 2 they announce that the premiums are now $1500/month. Most people can't afford that, which means the insurance is cancelled. The contract is "illusory" because the consumer pays good money, but what they get in return is a fairy-tale that they are protected, when the fact is they are doing a deal with the devil.

And here's the part where you thought I was just kidding. One of the things that came out during the arbitration of the Patsy Bates dispute is that Healthnet has an employee rewards-and-bonuses system that rewards employees for each policy that they cancel on a sick person. The reward and bonus is calculated based upon the amount of money that the insurance company calculates they would have had to pay to provide coverage for the insured. I wonder if they get a gold watch at the end of the year for each policy cancelled in which the insured quickly died. No muss, no fuss, just quietly send them to their coffins.

These blood-sucking parasites have been living off of a system of fraud, deceit, and highway robbery for too long. We need to eliminate health insurance from our health care industry.

A good start is to make Medicare available to any American, regardless of age. People who have an income can buy in, just like paying an insurance premium except they will hopefully get charged an affordable amount, and the coverage will not be cancelled on them when they get sick and need it. This is what's called a Single-Payer plan.

The Democrats in Congress take money from the health insurance industry. The industry does not want any single-payer plan made available because they know that if Americans were given the choice, they would quickly move to join a public plan where their premiums would be affordable and coverage would not be denied once they get sick. Demand single-payer. It is almost a make-or-break issue on the Obama administration.

If President Obama and Congress abandon the people of this country on this issue, and force through some meaningless "modifications" to the existing healthcare system, for-profit and anti-health, then the Democrats are useless.


  1. Been There, done that, still fighting in Florida. Do not forget to throw in the States themselves. We uncovered they were misdiagnosing women so as to keep the Federal Dollars. Komen is up to the Charade to their necks. Komen was created out of the Bush Administration and was instramental in getting him Elected twice.

  2. Komen? Oh My God, I had never heard that. I'll have to check into them. Isn't that where the yogurt lids go?? They're everywhere.

    Yeah, what a horrible story. And the only thing that's worse is knowing that it is repeated across the country every single day, people who just got the worst possible news, and then to top it off their health insurance company tries to dump them and prevent them from getting treatment.

  3. Let us not stop here.Why can`t we as Americans practice our freedom of speech rights and expose these lobbyists who pay off our senators for their lucksurelllly vacation cabins, all the while sick Americans are not receiving the care they need. I am appauled at the way this government says keep the people out of govrnment.That should also keep the payoff lobbyists out of government too.
    Send a letter to your senator,and cc to any and all who do not support this recent cut in medicare.Yes, it is killing thousands of Americans, an under the cover layout that leaves so many disabled without the care they need. Appauled that other countries have the sense to make healthcare for everyone. Yet, we as Americans can`t have this. It would make it too easy, and of course our government has to make everything so difficult. Just simplify it for peoples sake.Have we not suffered enouph. I am begining to wonder,perhaps moving to another country that uses common sense in healthcare would be ones best refuge from all the @#^%&*^%R$%%^%$$$$$$$$ gov.reterrrrect would give us some peace of mind.........keep writing would love to hear from my American friends concerning this topic. Let us all be proactive in universal healthcare, it will save lives,from
    babies-elderly the most helpless get the worst treatment-makes no sense does it. Bless all of you who care to find this site and make their voice be heard.

  4. Above is so true---health insurance should not even be a topic anymore just make it universal.