Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shoots? I Don't See No Stinkin' Shoots.

Why do so many Americans pretend that we are all children? There seems to be a tinkerbell theory prevalent in parts of our country. A belief that if we pretend we are children, and have child-like beliefs and aspirations, then we can fool the world, and everyone will think we are innocent. We can go out during the day and rape, pillage and plunder in our business activities, but go home at night and watch a child's movie or cartoon for "family" time, and we will become pure again. We can go out in our religions and condemn and hate and advocate the killing and murder of anyone who does not believe as we do, but then if we bow our heads in prayer: voila, innocent as the newborn babe. We can steal elections, try to enslave and oppress whole groups inside our country, lie, cheat, and steal in trying to get "our" politicians into office, but then put on some nice clothes and show up for the party, and pretend to just be just some sweet kids out for fun.

Oh yeah. It's not a film. It's not an "animated" feature. It's a cartoon. I'm sick of seeing a listing for what is called a "movie," but then the description further down explains it is an "animated feature." No. It's a cartoon. We're not all children, and we adults may choose to go see real movies -- the kind with actors in them -- as opposed to simply watching cartoon-drawings created by some middle-aged pedophiles who always draw the little girls as having tiny waists and very large buttocks. What is it about those animators anyway? Do they have to be perverts to get the job. It's like that whole scoutmaster issue.

This whole Christian Nation is the same thing. Slimey, Scummy, Smarmy, Despicable People walk around with these huge crucifixes hanging around their necks, telling everyone "Jesus Christ Is My Personal Savior," gloating, bragging, telling the world that they are superior human beings, God has saved them, their miserable, corrupt, lazy, self-centered narcissistic lying cheating sacks of crap. And they think that some divine being touched them with a magic wand, like a fairy godmother, and now they are "saved," and soon they will have pretty little wings and float through the air with all the other nice people. You know what's the weirdest part about this whole Christian thing? Jesus' whole teaching was about helping the less fortunate. But American Christians never do anything for anybody else. Ever. They don't have to: they're saved!

It's the oddest thing, you let some guy duck your head into a swimming pool and you come out with some life-time pass that excuses you from ever having to do anything to help another person. It's like people get those "I'm a Friend Of The Police" decals for their cars, and they can speed or park in a handicapped zone forever because they kicked-back a few bucks to the cops. Because American Christianity is all "internal" -- it's unrelated to actions. "I believe," and therefore I'm saved. No action required. If you have sentiment, you are saved. If you tear up when someone says God, or Jesus, you are saved. If you walk right over the starving bodies of poor people in your town, and don't bother to help them, but you loudly sing some religious song on Sunday, you are saved. It's exactly the type of absurdity that only a child could believe.

Our economy is in a depression. Please, let's not spar, we're not children. It's a depression. Or worse. Our economy has collapsed. The truth of the severity is being hidden from us by our politicians, the media, and the Corporate Dictators that run everything. They don't want us to know just how bad it is. So they lie. They turn the entire government over to some criminal Insiders from Wall Street, and let them give billions of dollars of my money to Wall Street and to the Banks. And they sing us lullabies at night, and tell us "there there, lay down your head, don't you fret, everything will be okay." Yeah, like I'd trust somebody from Wall Street. Or the government. Wall Street is in charge. I am saved.

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs. Millions of jobs have been ripped out of this country and sent to third world countries because the Corporations can use slave labor in those other countries. Those jobs are not coming back. Unless, that is, we cancel the "free" trade agreements and bar any imports of products from any American business that has taken its jobs elsewhere. Which is what we should do. When they tell us that globalization is good -- that's another lie, a story for children. "It's good that your job has gone away. Trust us." "Globalization" just means that millions of Americans have lost their jobs, and will never again in their life have steady work or a living wage.

The "new" government has made its priorities clear. First they announce that the U.S. War Against The Middle East will go on for decades, and will require billions more in funding. So our military can serve as personal muscle for the Oil Corporations as they go about the middle east and steal all the resources. Bush went after Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama sees him those two then raises on Pakistan and (possibly by fomenting instability in) Iran. Who's next?

Second, the "new" government announces that they have given billions more of our money to Wall Street. The same people who have stolen our pensions, destroyed our economy, are rewarded by being given hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money.

Next, they announce: Oops, no more money, we have to tighten our belts, no jobs programs, no healthcare, no education assistance, no retraining, no nothing for the citizens of this country. We can't afford it. All our money has been given away to the wealthiest people in this country, the criminals who have stolen everything from the rest of us. And for war. Much of our money goes to war, more war.

That's the "change" government of Obama. Because it's really not Obama in charge. It's the Corporations. And it's the Democrats in Congress, probably the most corrupt (by dollar amount of bribes taken) group of politicians who ever existed in the world. "Our" Democrats. Sell-outs and traitors to a person.

Now we hear the Obama administration and the Democrats explaining, setting the table for why we don't need any help for the citizens of this country. No jobs programs, no healthcare, no retraining, no education, nothing. But that's okay, we don't really need it because: THERE ARE GREEN SHOOTS RISING FROM THE GROUND, SHOWING THEIR LITTLE BABY FACES, GREETING THE SUN OF THE NEW MORNING.

Just like in a cartoon. I'm surprised they don't have a soundtrack in the background with a dog playfully barking, birds singing, a soft breeze blowing: shoots, there are green shoots everywhere, we are saved.

Shoots? That's it? Should we make Shoot Soup? Try to live off of that?

I hate to be the one who blows up the mirage, but I don't see no stinkin' shoots. I see millions of Americans who are unemployed, millions more have lost their savings and pensions, millions have lost their homes or will soon lose their homes, millions have no healthcare, millions have no future. And all the while their overcrowded neighborhoods receive less social service support, and are saturated by guns, drugs and violence. Shoots? I don't see no stinkin' shoots.

And now we learn, to cap off this disgusting cartoonish propaganda system, that the Re-Virgin movement has again reared its ugly head. Yes, Sarah Palin's daughter who had a child out of wedlock, the Republican definition of slut, whore and tramp, she can be saved again and become a virgin again. Thank God. I was fearful in a time of the complete collapse of our economy and destruction by corruption and rot of our government, in a time when our country is being turned into a brutal war machine attacking the whole world in quest for empire, that we might actually have to learn to live with the possibility that adult females past a certain age are not virgins. And furthermore, that adult men should keep their noses out of women's private business, and stop obsessing over their desire to have sex with little girls. Virgins.

I've never heard a woman carry on about wanting to have sex with a virgin male. I have heard of 40 year old American businessmen going to Thailand and "renting" a 10-year-old girl to have sex with because they really wanted to have sex with a virgin. Which, I guess in their mind, if they are really just a little child, a cartoon figure, they can look at themselves as the nice, clean-faced young boy with a nice clean-faced young girl, see the whole episode as a "crush," an innocent affection for a sweet little girl. Although I personally see it as rape and perversion. But then again, I've never been a fan of "animated" features, preferring real movies with actors instead.

I'll take my reality straight-up. Harsh as it may be.

Here's my idea: the people of the United States should do what the people of Iran are doing. Get out in the streets and shut the whole place down, either throw every single politician out of office and start over again, or force them to start working for us instead of for the Corporations.

If absolute power creates absolute corruption, then the only logical response to absolute corruption is to absolutely shut everything down and start all over again. This bus is driving off the cliff.


  1. Or how about, abolish the corporations?
    Why should there be a legal way to make money by screwing people, trashing the environment, and not being legally responsible for anything you do? Unless it's not making enough money for the shareholders. For that, you're legally responsible.
    This is a crazy system.
    Abolish the corporations, turn over the actual productive capacity to the workers that actually run it.
    We don't have to shut the whole thing down-just redistribute the wealth from the psychopaths who have nearly destroyed our planet to the masses of people who may do better.

  2. Do you know the primary reason for people to do business in corporate form? Limited liability. Most people don't know that. It is "the" most critical feature of the corporate entity.

    People pool their money to set up a business, but if the business causes millions of dollars in losses, kills people, creates environmental devastation, the people who own the corporation and the people who run the corporation are not liable. The victims can only seize the corporate assets.

    And to further limit liability, most corporations strip themselves almost bare every year end, pay all the money out, shift it over to phony subsidiaries, so if somebody did sue the corporation, it has no assets.

    The "new" business form created in recent years is aptly called the Limited Liability Company. It is like a corporation but has fewer formalities. But the important issue is the basis for its name: no liability to the public or to the consumers.

    I don't remember the exact figure (I've got a link on my blog somewhere) but something like 2% of the people in the world own 50% of its assets. I say have a wealth tax, take it away from them and redistribute it. Say inside a country, for example, take the land and redistribute it to the people, set up local farming and get out of agribusiness, grow and shop locally for most of the food. Small farms, truck farms.

    Everyone knows monopolies screw the public. That's why we have anti-trust laws. But the federal government refuses to enforce those laws. Each of the banks, certainly Microsoft, all the oil companies, should be busted into pieces. As should these hospital groups. You know why hospitals can charge $800/night? Because the Medical Industry is controlled by a few wealthy insiders, the rest of us face life and death circumstances which require medical help, so they can do what they want. We should open new medical schools all over the country, graduate 10 times as many people, flood the country with doctors and bust their wages down to the level of reasonable. Then set up many hospitals, do the same thing: create real medical care based on service to the community instead of making a few people rich while everyone else gets sicker.

    Monopolies, which are the dominant business form in this country, usually in corporate form, grossly overcharge, eliminate competitors through unfair business practices, and generally provide a crappy service or product because the public can't go anywhere else, and the corporation has no liability for their failures.

    We no longer enforce the laws against the wealthy and powerful in this country. It's the root of the problem: lawless behavior by the rich and a corrupt government that takes bribes in exchange for refusing to enforce the laws.