Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Guantanamo Torture: Kind Of Like A Frat-Boy Gang Rape Party -- In A Hospitality Suite.

The more we know, the sicker it is.

It now turns out that not only did the U.S. and its mercenaries, psychotics and goon squads enjoy torturing prisoners at Guantanomo, but we actually extended official invitations to delegations of psychotics from other countries to come join in the fun.

The U.S. was running Guantanamo like a hospitality suite, with different groups of "guests" from different countries rotating in and out, getting a chance to brutalize men in ropes and hand-cuffs, take pictures, jerk off, maybe rape the prisoners too. It was a multinational, multi-cultural experience. Group Rape for the international set. The "elite" of the world are "invited" by the U.S. to come to Cuba and torture people.

Being well-mannered hosts, the U.S. had its guards soften up the prisoners before the international torturers arrived to brutalize them. Ever the accommodating people.

The people being tortured were the Uighers -- some people from China, a small, unpopular group within their own country, apparently. They did nothing to hurt the U.S. They were apparently sold to the U.S. by Afghanis looking to make a quick buck. When the U.S. realized these people had done nothing at all that constitutes a crime -- had in no way harmed the U.S. -- instead of releasing them, or setting them free, the U.S. called the military dictatorship in China and asked if they wanted to come torture the Uighers. Maybe China wanted to make some claim against these people -- jaywalking?

After these innocent people were kidnapped and tortured by the U.S., then tortured by the Chinese "friends" of the U.S., and everybody agreed these people were innocent -- the U.S. nonetheless continued to keep them in prison for years. Years. Now they are slowly being released to other countries. It's just sickening.

See Ryan Grim at Huffington Post, link below.

"While at the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in 2002, Uighur detainees were interrogated, abused and threatened by a delegation from the People's Republic of China, recently liberated Uighurs told the Huffington Post in a phone interview from Bermuda."

"'When the Chinese delegation came we didn't really want to meet with them and answer their questions. They brought us out anyway,' said Khalil Manut through a translator. 'They made threats, turned down the temperature in the room, made the room very cold.'"

"'The Chinese interrogated each of the detainees in 2002. Basically they made many, many threats against them and against their families and even said, 'We will either take you back or we will make sure that you end up here for a long time. You will never be free,' and things like that,' said Manut."

"The Chinese delegation -- which the Uighurs estimated at five total interrogators -- questioned some of the Uighurs for 18 hours straight in the extreme cold, depriving them of food and sleep."

"They said, 'You're not talking now, [but] we have ways to make you talk when we take you back.' Basically implying they would torture us and get whatever out of us,' recalled Manut.
[T]he American guard's involvement in the Chinese interrogation was one of the most troubling parts. ... It's one of the most shameful parts of this shameful episode. Not only did [the Americans] allow the Chinese delegation to intimidate and scare these men to death, our American soldiers were told to soften them up for the interrogation."

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