Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Honeymoon's Over: Tell The Democrats To Pass Medicare-For-All. Now. Stop The Shake-Downs, Stop The Corruption, Stop The Betrayal.

The Democrats announced early this year that they were really mad at the credit card industry, they were really going to make some "reforms" of that industry to help the public. So they set up a bunch of meetings between the No-Change President and the CEOs of the major credit card companies. And the Democrats in Congress met with the major credit card companies. Presumably to negotiate enormous bribes to be paid by the credit card companies to the Democrats. What you call a Shakedown.

Because after those secret meetings, there was no "reform" of the credit card industry. Instead, the Democrats passed some completely toothless and meaningless law that says before the credit card industry sends Guido and Carmine out to bust people's knees, they've got to send a written notice. Whoopie. Despite the efforts of a few politicians to have real reform, which means to limit the amount of interest that can be charged to consumers for loans, the Democrats refused to support any such limits. The Democrats refused to pass a law that would "limit" the credit card companies to "only" charging 37% per year on loans. As far as the Democrats are concerned, the higher interest that's charged to the citizens of this country by the credit card companies, the bigger the kick-backs and bribes paid to the Democrats.

And now we're seeing the same type of manipulation and deception by the Democrats in connection with their promise to "reform" healthcare. First they announce, through several leaders, that they're not going to have single-payer. Then they refuse to even meet with representatives from groups supporting single-payer, and refuse to let those people have a voice in Congress. To explain, for example, that the most cost-effective reform, the one that would provide the most healthcare and save the most money, would be a single-payer system.

Instead, we have a series of secret meetings between No-Change Obama and the leading Democrats, on the one hand, and the CEOs of the Medical Industry on the other hand, presumably shake-down meetings in which the Democrats agree they won't reform anything in healthcare if the Medical Industry pays the politicians enough money in bribes.

Sold out again. Betrayed. Abandoned and deceived.

First No-Change Obama comes out and announces that some of the big CEOs have "promised" they will "really really really" try to not raise how much they charge us so much. Ten years from now, they will really really try. No enforcement mechanism, nothing in writing -- spit is what it is. Meaningless nonsense.

Now we hear that No-Change Obama has also negotiated some deal with the Drug Dealers by which they promise they will really really really try not to charge so much. Meaningless. These Medical Industry people have been raping the American public for decades, and they aren't going to change unless we force them. How much money did the Drug Dealers promise to kick-back to the Democrats in exchange for the Democrats doing nothing to control the prices that average people have to pay.

The Democrats have the majority in Congress and can do anything they want. What they should do is pass Medicare for all. Anybody who wants to stay with private insurance should do so. Anybody who wants to join Medicare should be allowed to do so. People with sufficient income should be required to pay something to buy into the system, something like a premium but a lot less expensive. And anyone who goes into Medicare would be saved from the private insurance company's practice of dumping people as soon as they get sick, or raising their premiums to they are unaffordable.

The Democrats claim that the mean old Republicans won't let them do a Medicare for All. Nonsense. The Democrats have the majority and can pass anything they want.

Some apologists claim that Obama wants to represent all the people, and there aren't enough people who support Medicare for all. Another lie designed to cover up corruption.

The New York Times reports today that in a poll conducted last week, they found that 72% of the public supports Medicare for all.

"The national telephone survey, which was conducted from June 12 to 16, found that 72 percent of those questioned supported a government-administered insurance plan — something like
Medicare for those under 65 — that would compete for customers with private insurers. Twenty percent said they were opposed. "
If the Democrats don't pass a Medicare-for-all system which allows anyone to join Medicare, then they are useless.

Think about it. They give hundreds of billions of dollars to Wall Street and the Banks, who kick back millions to the politicians individually. They vote hundreds of billions of dollars to fund more wars in which our military is being used as a private mercenary goon squad on behalf of the Oil Corporations, committing international war crimes, torture, kidnapping, and murder across the world. And they ignore the public's demands that these wars be ended.

They refuse to enforce the laws against the wealthy and powerful by establishing commissions to investigate and prosecute, and seize assets, for the financial crimes and the war crimes committed in recent years in this country. Not one person in our government will even allow hearings to be held to investigate the clear evidence of crimes by the top people from Wall Street and the top people from the Bush-Cheney administration. What do you call a government that refuses to enforce the laws against the rich and powerful? Certainly not a democracy.

We have an actual unemployment level of 17%, predicted to go higher every single month through 2009 and possibly through 2010, and the Democrats have failed to do anything to create jobs programs or jobs for Americans. Instead, they are supporting more trade agreements to send more American jobs out of this country, throw more people out of work.

Being a Democrat is like having the boyfriend who never calls, having the boss who never makes payroll, having the spouse who never brings home their paycheck because they spend it on themselves.

They ignore us, they ridicule us and what we want, they tell us we're stupid and we don't know what we're talking about, they tell us to shut up because they'll do what they want, when we demand our rights they say we're nagging, when we demand attention they tell us they're too busy with somebody else. I'm beginning to feel like I've got the battered spouse syndrome: they beat me up, steal my money, treat me bad, lie to me, cheat on me, then show up on Sunday evening and expect me to have a pot roast on the table, cold beer in the frig. One day they're going to show up on Sunday and we'll all be gone.

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