Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 25: Torture Accountability Day.

June 25, 2009, is Torture Accountability Day. The Democrats continue to ignore the law, to ignore us, and refuse to enforce the laws against the rich and powerful people in this nation. There are laws that make it illegal to torture. The U.S., under the Bush administration, created a program of torture. They tortured people to try to get them to "confess" that Iraq had some involvement with 9/11 (which it did not) so that Cheney and his Oil Corporation friends could use the U.S. military to invade Iraq, and let the Oil Corporations steal Iraq's oil.

Although Obama has made some generalized statements against torture, there are reports that it is continuing in various locations around the world where the U.S. is holding people they have kidnapped, refused counsel, no charges, no evidence, just torture. This needs to stop.

Go to this website
. The Torture Accountability group is demanding that there be investigations, hearings, and prosecutions if the evidence supports it, of the following people from the Bush Administration who, the evidence shows, had direct involvement in and responsibility for the torture conducted by the U.S.:

George W. Bush
Dick Cheney
Jay Bybee (now a 9th Circuit Court of Appeal Judge)
Alberto Gonzales
John Yoo
Douglas Feith
David Addington
William Haynes
Stephen Bradbury

Attend an action if there is one near you. Or write a letter to your local paper, post a comment on a local blog, make a sign, talk to somebody. Demand that the people responsible for international war crimes including torture be investigated, prosecuted, imprisoned, and held accountable for their crimes.

Call the Attorney General, Eric Holder at 202-514-2001.

Fax him at 202-307-6777

or send him a free fax:

Ask him to begin prosecution of people who are responsible for the torture conducted by the U.S.

A nation that refuses to enforce the law against the rich and powerful is not a democracy.

The U.S. is a party to the U.N. Treaty on Torture and is legally obligated to prosecute the people against whom there is any evidence of torture. We've got the people. We've got the evidence. And we've got a new administration that refuses to enforce the law. This is not acceptable.

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