Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bored Obama Wants A New War: North Korean Ships To Be Assaulted By U.S. Navy. (Pot Calls Kettle Black).

Back in the early days of the presidency of John F. Kennedy, the Soviet Union was believed to be hauling missile parts to Cuba, so they could be an imminent threat to our nation 90 miles offshore (U.S. Propaganda) or so Cuba could defend its new revolution against the threatened and anticipated attacks and invasion from the U.S. (Cuba Propaganda). So we got what became known as the Cuban Missile Blockade. The world held its breath as two hostile superpower nations with stockpiles of nuclear weapons confronted each other on the open seas. Terrible times.

Cuba's position was borne out in time, as the U.S. repeatedly attempted to assassinate Fidel Castro, to murder civilians, set loose paid terrorists to try to blow up civilian airplanes and create chaos in the country so it would be softened up for a U.S.-sponsored coup, embargoed, boycotted, set up an entire radio network designed to barrage the people of Cuba with crazy propaganda to destabilize the country, and provided millions of dollars every year to a group of old, lazy, Cuban-expatriotes in Florida who spend most of the year sitting around the private "social" clubs crying about the good old days when they were goons for the Mafia, and go out once a year and parade around the block with signs saying "Cuba Libre!." All the young kids cheer because they think these old guys mean "Drinks all around."

Even now, almost 50 years after the Cuban Revolution threw out the Mafia and the U.S. Criminals and Corporations, our government still will not allow me to go to Cuba on a vacation. It's "too dangerous." A tiny island, a poor people, subject to 50 years of the wrath of the biggest military nation in the world. What a disgrace.

But however you view history, the fact is that Cuba is very close to the U.S., and certainly it is understandable that the U.S. would not have wanted nuclear weapons set up there and pointed at Florida. Although personally I've never really liked Florida, so I'm ambivalent on the subject at best.

What other really stupid and dangerous policies did our government adopt back in the post-war years of anti-communist hysteria? Among other things, we sent U.S. military troops into Korea, and engaged in a long, ultimately pointless war against the North Koreans. We never left. We divided the country in two, cut off and embargoed, blockaded North Korea, watched for decades as a large percentage of their population starved to death, and issued routine propaganda releases saying it's their own fault. The U.S. attacked what became North Korea almost 60 years ago and has been essentially poised on the border ever since ready to pounce at a moment's weakness. No wonder North Korea is ruled by such a militaristic government: they've been under threat from the largest military in the world for over 60 years. Who benefits from this insanity? The Corporations, the Defense Industry. Nobody else.

Now President Obama, pursuant to the Bush/Cheney/Obama theory of American Empire, has decided that the U.S. has the right to "confront" any ship anywhere in the world, stop it, threaten to attack it, inspect it, control it, without any apparent restrictions at all. This is an assault -- a threat of a battery. The battery would be any unlawful or unwanted "touching," such as having U.S. military people board a ship in international waters without the consent of the ship's captain. We are so arrogant and so illegal in everything we do. Laws have no effect on our government at all. Aren't we behaving just like the pirates we condemn? Except that we've got bigger ships? And bigger guns?

Laws? What laws? Laws were meant to be broken.

The reason for the new U.S. policy of using our Navy as one big Pirate System to control all the international waters is because North Korea has, or may get, or may be shipping in, "arms" or nuclear technology. Not 90 miles from our coast anymore. The new American Empire provides that we have the absolute right to control every person and every country in the entire world. Think about it. What would we do if some other nation threatened to assault our ships in international waters? What better way to start a war.

I'm going to start calling this the Bush-Obama Regime. What change?

See article in today's New York Times, "U.S. to Confront, Not Board, North Korean Ships," by David E. Sanger, link below.

"The Obama administration will order the Navy to hail and request permission to inspect North Korean ships at sea suspected of carrying arms or nuclear technology, but will not board them by force, senior administration officials said Monday." ...

The United Nations is providing the legal support for these acts by the U.S.

"The planned American action stops just short of the forced inspections that North Korea has said that it would regard as an act of war. Still, the administration’s plans, if fully executed, would amount to the most confrontational approach taken by the United States in dealing with North Korea in years, and carries a risk of escalating tensions at a time when North Korea has been carrying out missile and nuclear tests. " ...

"Mr. Obama’s aides have said that while the new president is willing to re-engage in either the talks with North Korea and its neighbors, or in direct bilateral discussions, he will not agree to an incremental dismantlement of the North’s nuclear facilities. "

What would happen if North Korea said they are willing to discuss anything with the United States, but only after the U.S. permanently ends its wars in the middle east, removes their troops, and renounces their aggressive designs on that region? Unconditional demand to negotiations: "Mr. Obama, Tear Down Those Wars." Who, after all, is the proven aggressor and war-monger in this story?

I'm not saying the North Korean government is an agent of peace. But as of today, the biggest warmonger in the world, the one that has killed the most people and is the biggest proven threat to other nations and to peace, is the United States. Not North Korea.

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  1. The Bush-Obama Regime: that's about right. The regime in any case never really changes, just the presentation.

    Once Obama declared in the primaries that he would bomb the territory of another sovereign nation - Pakistan - in pursuit of "terrorists", it was obvious that he was not going to bring anything new to US policy, certainly not the humility he paid lip service to.