Thursday, June 25, 2009

Make A Phone Call. Save A Life. (Troy Davis).

The State of Georgia is planning to execute a man named Troy Davis. But the overwhelming available evidence suggests that Troy Davis is innocent. For example, seven out of nine witnesses who testified against him at his trial have now recanted their testimony. We all know that cops and D.A.s "coach" witnesses, or coerce witnesses, to say things that are not true.

In this case, the majority of the witnesses now say their testimony was untrue. There was no physical evidence that tied Troy Davis to the crime for which he was convicted. The crime was the murder of a police officer, and, again, we know how overzealous the police and prosecutors can be in trying to get a conviction against someone they think is a "cop-killer." And overzealous cops and prosecutors often mean the wrong person was convicted, and there was not a fair trial.

The District Attorney in Savannah can reopen the case and stop the planned execution.

Call District Attorney Larry Chisolm and demand he reopen Troy Davis' case
[CALL 912-652-7308]

Tell him the state you are calling from so they will know that people all over this country are aware of the injustice in the Georgia legal system, and we are watching to see whether the state will do anything to remedy this injustice.

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