Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Boys From Brazil

In the late 1970s, there was a book by Ira Levin, quickly made into a movie, called The Boys From Brazil. Here's the basic story: supposedly when the Nazis fled Germany after World War II, they took with them the sperm or DNA from Adolph Hitler so they could clone a bunch more Hitlers, or clone the perfect "Aryan" male-Nazi who would take power in the future, and make sure the world ended up being dominated by the Fascists.

Silly story, right?

Who would believe that somebody would create a bunch of test-tube Nazi males who would grow up to become indistinguishable blonde, bloodless, vacant-eyed, repulsive men, their faces covered with sagging folds of pale thin skin, each of them rotten to the core. And then these men would all be placed into some nation, "called upon" by their creators to step forward into leadership positions to preach the gospel of Fascism? What a ridiculous idea.

(Separated at birth?)

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