Friday, June 19, 2009

Feel The Hate In Jerusalem - Max Blumenthal

Max Blumenthal made this video, titled "Feel The Hate In Jerusalem," -- young, obviously privileged kids in Israel being interviewed, asked what they think about Obama. The video has been the subject of a massive right-wing attack in this country by the people who want to keep Americans ignorant about the reality of the situation in Israel. Exodus it ain't. Think more South Africa, Apartheid, Warsaw Ghetto, non-whites walled off and starved and murdered while white Europeans steal all the land, take all the money. And live a very comfortable life thanks to the Billions of Dollars of U.S. tax money that is sent to them every year. Of course they kick back a very nice bribe to the U.S. Congress to make sure they will vote to send more money next year.

Israel is essentially just another criminal enterprise. The last European colony. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to bring white Jewish people from Europe to "settle" on stolen land owned by non-white Arabs and Muslims -- it's beyond me how anybody could have been so delusional to think this was a good idea. But now that it's 60 years down the road, the Israelis should either make peace with their neighbors or leave. Instead, too many of them are mired in racism, hatred, ignorance and bigotry -- one of these young people even called Obama the "n" word -- one of them said he should be shot. Billions of dollars of American money goes to Israel every year so these people can live comfortable lives. And they spit in the face of our president. And our nation.

If, as the Israelis argue, their neighbors are all murderous fanatics and it is impossible to live in peace with them -- then so be it. That's the answer. It's impossible. Therefore, you need to leave. Certainly a European colony of 5 million land-thieves can't possibly suggest that they have the right to massacre 95 million of their neighbors. Or have the U.S. do it for them.

Well actually, that is exactly what Israel has requested in their position paper, released around the same time as the PNAC paper. Israel put out a position paper in 1996 titled "A Clean Break" in which they said, essentially, that everything would be so great if only all their neighbors were dead, if only "somebody" (hint-hint) would come over and invade all their neighbors, murder lots of people, destroy the governments and much of the infrastructure, leave their neighbors so weakened that Israel could claim military dominance over the entire region (along with U.S. occupying troops) far into the future.

Israel's position paper "A Clean Break" was written mostly by American neocons, many of whom were given top-level jobs inside the Bush-Cheney Regime. It was all planned a long time ago. This whole idea of the U.S. invading the middle east and overthrowing most of the countries, was all planned by the neocons back in the 1990s. And guess what? That's exactly what's happened.

Of course for the U.S., the main reason we have attacked Afghanistan and Iraq, and Obama has now started an illegal war against Pakistan, and we may have started an illegal war against Iran by funding chaos, is because the U.S. wants the oil. Israel wants all their neighbors dead. The U.S. Corporations want the oil. It's called fate. Fate brought the two together. Which is unfortunate for all those dead people, but you can't fight fate.

Anyway, all we ever hear is about how saint-like all the Israelis are, everyone else is awful. Our media censors any story that is critical of Israel. Any professor in a university who criticizes Israel is attacked by groups of right-wing attack dogs such as David Horowitz who earns a very very good living as attack-dog for the right (he's got a nice spread with horses in a very wealthy community) and gets to hang out with all the right-wing Hollywood losers who have joined his "We're Hollywood Right-Wingers" group so they can have lunches once a week and pray. Pray for work. Actually I think they close their prayer meetings with "Thank God For ABC And Fox."

Any politician who criticizes Israel finds themself met with an opponent well-funded by Aipac, which is essentially a laundramat that launders money to U.S. politicians from Israel. Secretly, since that would be illegal. It doesn't have to disclose its donors -- guess why? Because they bought an exemption from the law for themselves. From our corrupt politicians.

So Max Blumenthal makes this tiny little video, interview of some young Israelis out in bars apparently having a good time, who make unimaginably racist and offensive comments about Barack Obama. Think Alabama with money: privileged, ignorant, racist, murderous, arrogant trash. Max Blumenthal records these ignorant foul-mouthed kids and he releases the video, and the right-wing in this country loads their weapons and goes after him, trying to prevent anyone from even being able to see the video. How sick is it that we are not allowed to see or hear anything critical of Israel.

He submitted it at Huffington Post, which has run many of his articles and pieces in the past. They refused to run it. So much for "independent" media.

Then he posted it at You Tube. But the right-wing launched an attack there, and You Tube caved in and just removed it.

For anyone who wants to see it, the link is below.

There is something about religion. These young people remind me so much of the right-wing Christian groups, the Falwell groups, those indoctrination centers they call religious schools, the home-schooled zombies, the Mormons, the ultra-right Mel-Gibson/Fascist style of Catholism -- they are all exactly alike.

They indoctrinate these young people in a certain "religious" viewpoint which turns young people into aggressive, threatening, obnoxious, sometimes murderous scum. "Their" group is justified in killing anyone else from some different group. In fact, they'd better kill all the people from the "other" group as a defensive move. The essence of war.

This is how young kids are turned into hamburger for war machines. Nice young kids become -- little Fascists, is exactly what they are. Give these kids a brown shirt and send them out into the neighborhood for them to hunt down and destroy the "Enemy." They are ignorant, racist, red-necked, foul-mouthed trash. Just like we've got littering our own country. And these people are very scary: the adults who teach this hate, and these young fanatics who are so eager to kill.

Feeling The Hate In Jerusalem -- The Censored Video from Max Blumenthal on Vimeo.

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