Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What Will The Medical Un-Reform Bill Cost The Taxpayers?

The Democrats have been telling us citizens for years that if only we supported them, elected them, got them in control, they would enact major legislation to radically alter the bloated and incompetent medical industry in this country known as Healthcare.

Doctors and hospitals charge grossly obscene hourly rates which most people cannot afford to pay. There are certain doctors, known to other doctors and to the professional licensing boards, who are drunks and drug addicts, and those few doctors account for the majority of medical malpractice. But instead of protecting the unknowing public from these quacks, the insurance and doctors' lobbies bribe our politicians to pass laws making it impossible for any injured victim to sue a doctor for malpractice.

American drug companies charge Americans way more than they charge people in any other country in the world. And the drug companies bribe our politicians to get them to pass a law to make it illegal for people to buy their drugs in Canada. For awhile there, senior citizens with chronic conditions that require certain drugs were arranging bus trips to Canada at which they could buy the exact same drugs, same company, same manufacturer, for a fraction of what they have to pay in the U.S. The drug companies were outraged at the thought that old people could live a little longer, with a few more dollars in their pockets, a wee bit of dignity, so the drug companies bribed our politicians to pass a law making it illegal to import drugs.

This entire industry has failed at its essential responsibility, which is to provide good, decent, affordable healthcare to the people in this country. They rob people blind, steal their homes, force them into bankruptcy with their outrageous charges. But our politicians refuse to do anything to help us.

I just calculated what this Medical Un-Reform bill is going to cost us. The bill will order 40 million uninsured Americans to start buying health insurance. I figure $300/month per person to start. That will be One Hundred Forty-Four BILLION Dollars per year ($144,000,000,000) in additional income that will be paid to the insurance companies which, in turn, will pay 2/3 of it out to the doctors, hospitals, and drug companies. Not a bad paycheck. For all the uninsureds who are simply too poor to pay, taxpayer dollars will be used to pay for their insurance premiums.

You know what they say. One Hundred Forty-Four Billion Dollars will buy a lot of Democratic politicians, who undoubtedly will receive enormous kick-backs if they succeed in passing this Medical Un-Reform Bill.

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