Thursday, December 31, 2009

How Do You Say "Liar Liar Pants On Fire" In Nigerian?

Some nut-bag Nigerian decided to give himself a Brazilian bikini hot-wax without the wax on an international flight. First he packed the crotch of his panties with what turned out to be dummy exploding powder. Then he tried to light his pubic hairs on fire. I'm guessing he didn't have a date for New Year's Eve.

You think that's crazy? As soon as it happened, some of our crazed politicians and much of the major corporate media were promoting the idea that the U.S. should start a war against Yemen. Turns out the Nigerian spent some time in Yemen. So let's start a war. Because they've got some nut-bag lunatic who spent time there. Let's nuke them.

Who's crazier? The guy with the flaming pubic hairs? Or the American national politicians and media that speak openly about incinerating millions of innocent children as "revenge" for the attempts by the crazy man to start a fire?

I've had about enough of wars, bombs, guns, and crazy men on airplanes. Maybe that's what we should call this past decade. The decade of wars, bombs, guns, and crazy men on airplanes. And crazier men in the United States government.

When can we stop talking about the acts of a lunatic as justifying an equally insane response from our country? Or are we too far gone? Is everyone in leadership insane? Or is it just that they get such enormous kick-backs and bribes from the War Industry that they will promote war till their dying breath?

I've heard call-in shows discussing what would you do if a guy next to you on an airplane tried to light his crotch on fire? People calling in anxious to weigh in on this most pressing national issue.

But I think this would be a better question: what would you do if you were one of the 45,000 Americans who die every year because they don't have affordable healthcare? What will you do if your doctor diagnoses cancer of the colon or breast or throat, and your insurance company raises your premiums to $50,000/month, so you cannot continue to have any insurance? How brave will you be then? Will you jump up (like you would on the airplane, with the burning-crotch lunatic sitting next to you), grab a knife, and slice open your own gut, rip out the cancerous part of your colon? Will you take an ax and cut off your own breast like you would take an ax to the head of the smoldering frequent-flying lunatic?

I don't want any crazy people blowing up anyone -- airborne or otherwise. But the big numbers of American deaths are not caused by these bizarre cases that capture the attention of the media. What will you do when your neighbor or spouse or sibling or child gets cancer and cannot afford treatment? How tough will you be then? Because that's a much more likely scenario in everyone's life than is the guy with the sparkly pubic hairs.

Why can't we ever have an honest discussion in this country about what's really killing us and destroying our lives? You can start with unemployment, then go on to the unbearable cost of these insane wars we are waging against everyone. Test the local water, then ask why we can't deliver clean water to our own citizens. Look at the public schools being shut down and replaced with private or charter schools, the entire concept of a free public education being eliminated in front of our eyes. The unemployment compensation system in 25 states is broke, with 15 more states right on the edge.

FDIC is broke -- it has no money -- because they have bailed out so many banks around the country that have failed because of the phoney "investments" sold by the criminals on Wall Street, the same criminals who have been allowed to keep all the money they stole from us.

We are in serious danger in this country, but it's not from some nutjob from Nigeria. There will always be crazy people in the world. But our biggest danger comes from our own politicians who take money, sell us out, and pretend that the only thing we have to fear is exploding African crotches. If only.

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