Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Afghanistan - The Sequel

Why do they keep making sequels? What exactly is the point? Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results?

Here is where it all began. Back in 1921, Rudolf Valentino starred in a silent movie called "The Sheik." It made him a [movie] star before there was such a thing. The movie included a very shocking and controversial "rape" scene. The basic premise of the movie was a justification for the British empire. Sorry, folks, but the U.S. was just a tiny little nothing nation still, apparently drinking a lot of gin out of bathtubs, having a good time, going to nightclubs, dancing the night away. Which doesn't sound like the worst possible life.

But the British ruled the seas and the world. And part of their claim to Empire was all of the middle east, every country occupied by Arabs because the British knew those countries had oil. The justification for British rule was that the Arabs were bad bad bad. Much like the Irish, but not quite as bad.

The story went like this: the British must invade and rule and claim ownership to all the resources in every country in the middle east. Because, you see, those Arab men are all rapists, and all they want in life is to get their hands on some pretty, delicate little English lady and ravage her, savage her, use her for their own disgusting sexual needs.

Now that you think about it, that's the same rationalization that was used in this country to enslave and brutalize, often murder, black people. Works every time.

Here's a clip from The Sheik, which sets the foundation for the British empire in the middle east. Dick Cheney saw this film when it came out, in 1921, and it became one of his favorite childhood memories, just dreaming away his days waiting until the time when he would be able to kill those dirty old Arabs.

The cynics among us, myself included, think that the only reason the U.S. and our "special" friend England are occupying Afghanistan and killing its people is because the oil corporations -- American and British -- have been asking Afghanistan for permission to run pipelines over their land for a long time now, and have always been refused. The oil corporations want those pipelines, so they instructed the politicians they own to go into those countries, brutalize the people into submission, build permanent bases, and stay there for at least 10 years so they can set up and run the pipelines to use in stealing oil and gas from neighboring countries. And guess what? "Afghanistan The Sequel," which Obama will announce with great fanfare tonight, is already been touted as a 10-year project. So don't believe any stories about a "limited engagement." It's for the long-run.

For general background on the pipeline, see

In order to pacify the sane among us, the politicians have told the world (since 1921) that the real reason Britain, and now the U.S., need to militarily attack, kill, occupy Afghanistan, is to Save The Women. Back then it was to stop the dirty old sheik from raping the British women. Today it is to stop the dirty old Taliban from encasing women in burkas and beating them like dogs. But you know what? That's just a story. If the U.S. wanted to help the women of Afghanistan, we've been there for over 8 years and have had plenty of chance to do so. But we've done nothing but kill people instead. That's not really "helping" the people, it's "killing" the people.

Obama is going to escalate the war. He will give his speech tonight in front of an audience consisting solely of military people. Just the type of thing Bush would have done. None of us old civilians, none of us supporters present to Boo at exactly the right moment. Instead he'll receive enthusiastic applause from the staged audience, and the Democrats will be out in force immediately after the speech saying that the "Far Left" won't like it, but it is a bold and decisive move by Obama to End Terrorism Now In Our Time. Like I said: "Afghanistan - The Sequel."

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