Monday, December 21, 2009

Janis Ian, Phoebe Snow, Odetta: "Hymn." (Dreams die young).

The last line in this beautiful and amazing song is "Dreams die young." It seems so appropriate. A year ago many of us were so elated at the election of Barack Obama. Today, I can only ask: What Change?

The Democrats continue to give away the treasury to the criminals on Wall Street who have bankrupt our nation. The wars are being escalated and new ones started. Unemployment has ravished the meager savings of working Americans, and many states have exhausted their unemployment compensation fund.

Now the promise of healthcare reform turns out to be just another corporate give-away. Everytime a Democrat says this bill will "expand" or "provide" healthcare to millions more Americans, remember this: it does no such thing. It orders people to buy health insurance even if they cannot afford it. There are very few benefits to the people in this bill. It mostly is just another corporate give-away.

Last week, somebody proposed in the Senate that at least they include a provision that would allow Americans to buy their drugs from Canada, import them from licensed pharmacists in Canada, because the exact same drugs that we buy here are sold in Canada for a fraction of what we pay. President Obama, through one of his agencies, sent a stern note to Congress telling them this would not be acceptable. That must be part of the deal he negotiated in his secret meetings with the drug companies, to make sure they continue to earn obscene profits off of Americans. In exchange, of course, for their very generous "contributions" to the Democrats. Back-room deals, secret meetings, absurd laws, and Democrats sounding more like Republicans every day. Dreams die young, indeed.

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