Tuesday, December 8, 2009

There Is No Rational Debate About Global Warming. It's Real And It's Deadly.

Scientists have become aware of what is commonly called "global warming" -- that our world is getting warmer. They have concluded that this global warming is caused by human activity, mostly from the use of fossil fuels such as oil by the millions of people who inhabit the earth. The eventual inevitable effects of global warming are that large areas will become desert, large areas will be flooded, many more species of animals will die, millions of people will die of starvation, and the sea level will rise from the melting ice caps erasing entire nations of people. The situation is dire. It is an emergency, and we should have started long ago to work together with all the nations of the world to try to save ourselves.

We need to stop burning fossil fuels, stop consuming so much, change the way we live. And we need radical population reduction throughout the world. While a bunch of rich ignorant men in our Senate spend their time trying to push through laws to prevent American women from having abortions, pretending like that is the "real" issue confronting the world, the fact is that we need fewer babies, more birth control of all forms, including abortion, and we need to stop this religious pandering which prevents us from acting rationally to save the world. The projected flooding of many parts of the world will lead to international disasters, death and starvation, disease, conflict, war, and general instability.

There are a few men in the U.S. who are so short-sighted and selfish that they take bribes from the oil corporations to spread lies about global warming. They tell their ignorant followers that there is no such thing, that the scientists who study it are stupid, that TV newsreaders who work for Rupert Murdoch's Whorehouse know better, that everyone should buy bigger cars and burn more gas and ignore the destruction of the earth.

Some of the crazy Christians tell their followers that it is good to destroy the earth, because that only means that judgment day will come sooner, and they believe they'll all go to heaven.

So whenever you see the term "global warming" in the U.S. press, you generally will also see "debate." But there is no real debate. Just a bunch of whores and liars paid to fool the public into thinking that this isn't a real problem.

The U.N. is holding its 15th climate change conference in Copenhagen. You'd think that after 15 meetings, they would have agreed to something. But the U.S. has been the biggest impediment because of the idiots in the Bush Regime, owned by oil corporations, who make money by pushing people to use more oil. Build bigger houses, less energy efficient, further out from everything. Destroy and eliminate public transportation. Encourage people to buy, use, exhaust, dispose, waste. Turn food production over to the control of corporations who, in turn, transport chemically-altered food from one place to the next, wasting more energy. It's an entire society built on the concept of waste. Remember when Bush told Americans that they could fight terrorism by going shopping? Now Obama is telling people the same thing: we need to spend our way out of the depression. But Mr. President: the people don't have any money. That's the problem. The only way they can spend is by taking on more crushing debt, exactly the same way the U.S. is continuing to fund these wars: with borrowed money.

Speaking of which: what are the environmental effects of war? What is the effect of littering countries with busted weapons covered with depleted uranium? We know cancer rates in children are very high in Iraq after the first war against them. They should skyrocket now. Entire areas of the country should be declared off-limits. And of course we refuse to sign a treaty to stop using landmines, stop blowing the legs off of little children.

We have leadership, just not good leadership. The people running our country spend most of their time soliciting bribes, and spend no time trying to help the people of this country, never mind trying to help the people of the world. Nobody expects anything to come out of Copenhagen. The U.S. should be devoting its energies to stopping global warming. Instead, it is continuing the Bush-Cheney wars for oil. What change?

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