Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stop Israel's Genocide. Support The Palestinian Gaza Freedom March.

Below is a great visual from an article at Counterpunch. The article can be found at this link: In general, the green is the Palestinian land, and white is Jewish or Israel land. The entire colored chunk was Palestine, belonging to the Palestinians, but with Jewish neighborhoods and Jewish people living alongside the Palestinians. The Palestinians themselves are members of various religions, some Muslim and some Christian.

The zionists are a fanatical group that decided they would change Judaism from a religion, and turn it into a militaristic, nationalistic, armed and deadly ideology, much like that of the Nazis. The zionists decided they would try to convince Jewish people from around the world to move to Palestine. Then when there were enough of them, they would smuggle in guns, attack the Palestinians and steal their land, and declare that they were now a Jewish Nation, from which all non-Jewish people would be expelled. Actually the zionists were also big supporters of ethnic cleansing, which is now one of the weapons used by Israel in its efforts to commit genocide against the Palestinian people. Zionists are just a militaristic, nationalistic, racist, murderous bunch of thieves, criminals, and thugs who, much like the German nazis, like to wear uniforms, carry weapons, bully others, and proclaim that they are superior to all other people on the earth.

The first block in the visual below, on the left, shows Palestine, the land of the Palestinians, as it existed in 1946. The green parts are the land owned by Palestinians. There are small areas in white which were the parts of land primarily owned by Jewish people. Jewish neighborhoods, as it were, inside Palestine. Jewish and Palestinian people living alongside each other in Palestine.

The next square over shows the partition of Palestine, pursuant to the U.N., in 1947. As you can see, the European influx of survivors of the Holocaust were given more than half of the land of Palestine, while the Palestinians were left with less than half of what they had only a year before.

The third square shows the land stolen by Israel from 1949 through 1967. Israel, the Europeans, had by then stolen over 70% of the land of Palestine. And they have strategically occupied lands with the intent to cut one Palestinian community off from another, to isolate the people from each other and from critical resources such as water.

The last block shows the balance of the land stolen by Israel from the Palestinians. Most of the land of Palestine has now been stolen by the European settlors, and the original inhabitants, the Palestinians, have been driven out, or herded into smaller and smaller areas.

This is the effect of the "settlements," as Israel calls them. What Israel does is solicit people from other countries to move to Israel in exchange for being paid substantial benefits such as being given an apartment or home, and a job. And a gun, of course. Much of the cost of the "settlements" is paid for by American tax dollars. Our government refuses to provide us with healthcare, but sends billions of dollars to Israel to use to build apartments for Jewish people from Europe. We actually give them apartments built on land owned by the Palestinians. Aren't we generous. To a fault. Of course Israel turns around and kicks-back a big chunk of the money they receive from Congress, using it to bribe our politicians so they will continue to send our money to Israel. The Israelis have a national healthcare program for their Jewish citizens, but not for the Palestinian citizens of Israel.

Total approximate number of Jewish residents in the land formerly known as Palestine (mostly European, either descendents of the post-war immigrants or more recent arrivals enticed to move to Israel in exchange for valuable consideration): 5 million. Total approximate number of Palestinians living in the area: 5 million. Equal numbers, approximately. Yet there is no equality in land, or rights.

If the Palestinians who were run off of their land by the Europeans were allowed to return, given the legal right to return to their land, they would represent the majority of the people in the former Palestine and presumably would vote not to have a Jewish-run and Jewish-law based government. That is why Israel ran out the Palestinians and stole their land. If the Palestinians' demand for a right to return ever succeeds, the former Palestine will become a majority Palestinian state, and the Jewish residents would have to learn how to get along with their non-Jewish neighbors under a civil government. In order to prevent this from happening, Israel continues stealing more Palestinian land and killing more of their people.

The Palestinians are treated worse than dogs. They are murdered by Israel with no consequences. In fact, a few years ago an American working with a peace group, a young woman named Rachel Corrie, went to stand in front of the homes of some Palestinians, homes that Israel had threatened to knock down so they could force the Palestinians off the land. The Israeli bulldozer ran right over Rachel Corrie and killed her. Murdered her. Even for murdering an American, there were no consequences.

What is the special tie between Israel and the U.S.? Money. A corrupt criminal enterprise. Congress votes to send money to Israel, Israel takes a chunk off the top, launders it back into the U.S., and pays kick-backs and bribes to "our" politicians. It's been going on for a long time. Even when Israel plants spies inside the U.S. government and steals classified and top secret information, the U.S. governments gives them a walk. That is what money can buy: the right to commit treason.

The goal of the Europeans is to steal all of the land and drive all the Palestinians away. The Israelis say the Palestinians should go somewhere else -- move to Jordan or Lebanon, for example. The Palestinians want their land back. Despite the on-going organized effort of Israel to collect money as "reparations" for Jewish people killed during World War II, nothing has ever been paid to the Palestinians for the land and resources Israel has stolen from them or the thousands of Palestinians who have been murdered by Israel. Not one penny.

Israel has no right to any of the land of Palestine. It doesn't really seem to matter. They didn't buy it, it belonged to someone else, they have stolen it by use of force, violence and murder. Their "claim" is that thousands of years ago, God wanted the Jewish people to own this land. Not my God.

The Final Solution being implemented by Israel is to put all Palestinians essentially in a prison by building a concrete block wall around all areas occupied by Palestinians, putting in only a few points of access, and generally refusing to allow the Palestinians to leave the "prison" for any purpose, even to get healthcare. This is exactly like the Nazis did in Poland, squeezing the surviving Jewish residents of Warsaw into the infamous Warsaw ghetto, starving them, denying them healthcare, and just waiting for them all to die. The Jewish survivors learned well from their German tormentors, and now use the same brutal and inhumane tactics in their efforts to kill every single remaining Palestinian.

For over a year now, Israel has imposed collective punishment on the Palestinians living in the Gaza strip. Their conditions are inhumane, the conduct by Israel is illegal, and of course it is funded by the U.S. Although our country continues to support the murder of Palestinians, the individual citizens have the ability to take a stand against Israel.

On December 31, 2009, there will be a Gaza Freedom March in which people from all over the world will stand and speak and march in support of the people of Gaza, and demand that Israel end its war crimes. You can go to this link below and sign a petition to support this organization, and find out what else you can do to help. Among other things, demand that the U.S. completely cut off all money given to Israel. U.S. Out of Israel. The U.S. should take that money and give it to the Palestinians, since the U.S. is ultimately responsible for the murder and devastation done to their land by Israel, which we fund and support.

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