Monday, December 14, 2009

Joe the Ho Lieberman Wants Americans To Die.


Joe the Ho Lieberman wants Americans to die.

Actually, he doesn't care much one way or the other as long as he keeps getting the big bribes and kick-backs from corporate America for selling his vote and betraying the people of this country.

In case you hadn't heard, Joe the Ho Lieberman just put the final nail in the coffin for any hope of even the tiniest shred of help for Americans, coming out strongly against allowing Americans over the age of 55 to buy into Medicare. No, Joe the Ho says, those Americans must die. If they can't afford to pay the insurance companies they should sell their houses and cars, sleep in the gutter, or otherwise they can just die.

Rahm Emanuel, the apparent President, Israel's plant inside the White House, reportedly instructed Harry Reid that the Democrats in Congress should do everything Joe the Ho Lieberman wants on health care, and on any other issue.

Remember, after Joe the Ho Lieberman campaigned with McCain and Palin, many of us gleefully awaited his being thrown out of all his Democratic chairman positions, thrown out of the Democratic cacuses, sent to live among the dog Republicans with whom he chose to sleep. But one of the first acts of Obama upon taking office was to directly instruct every Democrat in Congress that they must be nice to Joe the Ho Lieberman, must leave him in all his positions, must allow him to attend confidential Democratic strategy meetings even knowing he would immediately run across the aisle and tell his Republican co-conspirators everything he learned. But why?

Who is the big money, the sugar daddy backing Joe the Ho Lieberman that every Democrat in Congress must bow down and kiss his corrupt little ass? I think it's Israel. When Rahm Emanuel first got elected to Congress, he reportedly waltzed in and announced to the other Representatives that he controlled all the "Jewish" money, and nobody would get a penny unless they did what he told them to. I think Rahm has bequeathed that position to Joe the Ho Lieberman.

So ask yourself this: is this it? Isn't this really the end? Obama is escalating the wars, he's given away the public purse to Wall Street and appointed the criminals to run the treasury, he's betrayed the public in all respects, refuses to do anything to create jobs or help people. And now Congress fails to do anything to reform healthcare. And they all bow down to Joe the Ho Lieberman.

Even Sherrod Brown, who is otherwise a nice guy, is out backpeddling tonight, saying that even without Medicare for over-55, even without any public option at all, this piece of sh*t bill is still IMPORTANT. He says it contains IMPORTANT consumer protections. Don't believe it for a minute. The so-called IMPORTANT consumer protections are things Congress should have passed in 10 minutes, then gone on to other important issues.

What Brown claims are the IMPORTANT consumer protections are that the insurance companies can't charge more just because you're female (that law should have passed in 2 minutes) and they can't exclude people based on pre-existing conditions, or drop them once they get sick. No Sherrod, but the insurance companies can do exactly what they do right now, which is raise people's premiums so high that they can no longer afford to pay for it.

This is it. The end. The Democrats will do nothing for the people. What can we do?

First, if you are a registered Democrat, as soon as they vote in this piece of sh*t bill, change your registration to Independent, then send an e-mail to both your Senators and to Reid and to Obama telling them what you have done. And tell them you're not voting for any Democrat at least in the next 2 elections, under any circumstances.

Second, we need an issues-based progressive movement. Forget about the elections, don't donate to campaigns. Just get out and organize around the demand to end the wars, create jobs, and create a national healthcare program by which all Americans have free health and dental. Of course the cost of that will be paid from taxes, and we can all pay something based upon our ability to do so. This whole silly line that we can't do something if it would raise taxes must be shown up for the b.s. it is. I say let's raise taxes now, on the rich people.

But forget about the Democrats. Let's make them pay for this sell-out. And whoever runs against Joe the Ho Lieberman in Connecticut, support them.

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  1. Joe is so out of touch with ordinary Dems. This latest from him is yet another way he reveals how deeply his elitist roots at as he sneers not so privately. He wouldn't know reform if it bit his arse.