Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Van Jones: Another American Citizen Crushed By The Right-Wing And By the Spineless Democrats.

Rupert Murdoch, enemy of the people, owner of Fox News, the New York Post, and much of the American media, as well as English and Australian media, fascist, war-lover, racist, sexist, Goebbels-groupie propagandist for the neocons and the neoliberals, is one of the big supporters of a business front group that exists solely for the purpose of attacking any possible Democratic legislation, stirring up violence and hatred and racism and sexism, and retaining control of the country in the hands of a few rich white fascist men. He wants a fascist dictatorship in this country, and he is using his corporate power and media to try to get it.

Murdoch and his fascist friends decided to go after a guy named Van Jones, a Yale law school graduate, community organizer, anti-police-violence organizer, and more recently the proponent of an entire radical change in our economy to create green jobs and to save our environment. Mr. Jones had recently been given a job by Barack Obama. He was gotten rid of by Obama (or maybe by Obama's henchman Emanuel) this week-end because Rupert Murdoch and his fascist friends decided to target Jones, to get rid of him, and to show once again that they own Obama.

Apparently Mr. Jones had the nerve to say that he thought somebody inside our government knew about 9/11 in advance. I agree with that. The only thing I'm not sure on is whether people inside or associated with our government actually planned, carried out, and financed the 9/11 attacks. Why is that such a shocking concept? Remember, Bush and Cheney refused to answer questions, testify, or let anyone inside their administration provide information to the "committee" set up to investigate 9/11. What were they covering up besides their own involvement in attacking their own country?

Why did Dick Cheney meet with oil corporation executives in March of 2001 and review the oil maps of Iraq, other than to prepare to seize the oil as soon as the 9/11 attacks gave Cheney an excuse to launch a war against Iraq? Remember PNAC put in writing, in 1998, that we need a Pearl Harbor-type attack on the U.S. in order to scare the public into allowing the neocons to launch wars against everyone in the world. And also remember that many of the people from PNAC at or around the late 1990s also worked for Israel in preparing their written statement called something like "A Clean Break," in which they said they wouldn't have to keep sucking so much money out of the U.S. if only "someone" would invade, attack, bomb, overthrow every single country in the middle east. Golly Gee -- I wonder who they had in mind.

Is that radical? Fine. Let's show all us crazy people up by having an independent prosecutor appointed with subpoena power to conduct a real investigation, compel testimony, and let's find out what really happened here. We keep hearing reports that bin Laden has been a double-agent for decades now, and we know Reagan created the myth of bin Laden by funding his enterprise back in the 1980s. Is it so surprising to think old Osama might still be taking orders from the CIA? Not to me it isn't. And while they're at it: why did those 9/11 hijacker pilots just happen to get their flight training at a flight instructor school in Florida owned by a former CIA agent? Lots of unanswered questions here.

I'd say anybody who accepts the official version of 9/11 should be fired for being F-ing morons.

And the second reason Mr. Jones was attacked is because he said derogatory things about the F-ing Republicans. Who doesn't? The Republican Party is now the fascist party of the U.S. Anyone who doesn't say derogatory things about them should have their head examined.

What's the deal here? Does Obama really think he can just keep making speeches while caving in to the corporate owners and the right-wing, and we'll all just sit still and take it? What a bunch of spineless weenies these Democrats are. Glenn Beck is crazy. He's nuts. He's as nuts as that crazy Bachman lady, as much a lunatic as Sarah what's her face. Glenn Beck is an alcoholic, and has the same destroyed brain type as the drug addict on the radio, the other god of the right-wing. They are all as malicious as the skanky anorexic Coulter. So exactly why would anyone do anything these people say?

But Mr. Jones is now gone from the white house. And to put the cherry on the cup-cake, the cowards at the white house are also insisting that Mr. Jones was not "fired," -- he resigned. Yeah. Sure. I believe that.

But it does give me an idea: why doesn't Obama resign? He has not done one thing to help the people of this country. Not one. So just quit -- leave. Go set up "foundations" like Bill Clinton did and collect your billion dollars in bribes and kick-backs. How about Rahm Emanuel, the apparent president? Why doesn't he resign? He is pro-war, he chose to volunteer to work for the Israeli military instead of one in the country to which he supposedly holds allegiance, he tried to prevent any anti-war candidates from getting funding during the 2004 or 2006 elections because he is so pro-war, he is a Clinton left-over, he is Wall Street's favorite politician and biggest recipient of Wall Street money, he has been against a "public option" or meaningful healthcare reform from the get go. So why doesn't he resign?

How about Hillary "I'll annihilate Iran" Clinton? Why doesn't she resign for threatening the mass incineration of millions of people who neither harmed nor threatened to harm the U.S. How about Gates, the man who not only keeps the wars going but also censors the press, why doesn't he resign? How about every person in the white house resigning for their continued slaughter of people in Iraq and Afghanistan, and apparently the now-secret war in Pakistan, all being carried out for the purpose of stealing oil.

Were Obama and Hillary Clinton too busy this week-end planning the new wars in Central and South America, hiring mercenaries to staff the 8 new bases in Columbia, planning more coups, calling up their torturing murdering friends from the School of the Americas and sending them off with assignments about who to assassinate next? Is that their "mission?" Is that why Obama was too busy to lift a finger to tell Rupert Murdoch and Glenn Beck and all their fascist friends to go suck an egg?

How about if the really vicious people, the ones destroying the world resign and maybe leave Mr. Jones with his little project to create green jobs and try to save the environment. Honest to God, I'm going to leave the Democratic Party. I'm so sick of these people. Doesn't any one of them know how to throw a punch? Or take one?'s_hidden_hand_in_the_smear_job_on_van_jones/

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