Thursday, September 3, 2009

Harry Reid: The Man Who Isn't There.

Harry Reid, Senator from Nevada, is purportedly the leader of the Democrats in the Senate. And, since the Senators think they are Lords, or maybe Gods, therefore Harry Reid is supposedly one of the leaders of the national Democratic Party. But he really isn't. He's been set up to take the fall, a front man who stands-in for the real leadership, who mostly hide behind their piles of money.

Harry Reid may be a nice guy. He has no issues with booze, drugs, prostitutes or gambling as far as we know. None of the types of vices that get the public's blood flowing. He is polite, soft-spoken. He was chosen for those reasons. He has no leadership skills or abilities at all, as far as we've seen. He might lead the troops in a retreat, but that's about it.

So who's really running things in the Democratic party? The national Democrats who bring in the most bribes from corporations and rich people. That's it. Whoever brings in the most money gets to control everything.

Why didn't the Democrats just write up a Medicare for all healthcare bill, vote on it with a simple majority, and pass it? Because the Democrats don't want any type of healthcare reform that would take money away from the major medical corporations and lobbies, those who have paid hundreds of millions of dollars to the Democrats. It's like asking whether the crooked cop-on-the-take is really going to arrest the Mafia dude. Uh, no.

This whole healthcare "reform" issue is just a shakedown by the Democratic Party. They've used it to terrorize the medical industry into paying the Democrats hundreds of millions of dollars, with more to come. It's just the Democrats' way of trying to keep control. They want control not so they can do anything to help the citizens. They want control because as long as they sit in the catbird's seat, they can continue to collect millions more for themselves. Show me the money. Maybe that should be the official Democratic party slogan: Show me the money.

The Democrats agreed with their corporate owners to do nothing on healthcare. That's why they let this whole nonsense go on throughout the summer: the death panels, the abortion yet again issue, the cutting medicare and denying coverage to old people. All the lies, all the crazies. The guns being brought to public meetings to terrorize local citizens who support a real national healthcare program. The Democrats have allowed this to happen because it gives them a good excuse to do nothing.

And now I get this e-mail from Harry Reid this morning.

"Dear Friend,

Last Friday, I was pleased to participate in a tele-town hall with thousands of Nevadans. On Monday, I joined hundreds of constituents at a health care rally at UNLV. At each stop, I reaffirmed my commitment to a public health insurance option and heard from thousands of Nevadans who agree with me." [Tele-conference? Is that like a telephone call? Why is it that the Republicans are out in force in every small town in America, but the Democrats are just phoning it in. Literally, just phoning it in? And why do the Democrats keep talking about "reforming" health insurance, or a "public health insurance option." What does that mean, Harry? What the public wants, to be clear, is Medicare for all. People are willing to buy into the system. But please don't tell me that the "public health insurance option" you have in mind is nothing more than a carnival tent with booths from each insurance company lying to the public and claiming they're going to provide us with good insurance. What is a public health insurance option? We want national healthcare. Why won't the Democrats just say the words?]

"As I've traveled the Silver State over the August recess, I've heard countless Nevadans proclaim their support for a public option meant to keep insurance companies honest, control costs, and promote competition - and that's exactly what I'm going back to Washington to fight for. Frankly, many Republicans are simply on the wrong side of what Nevadans are demanding - real health insurance reform." [Again: the public is not demanding "health insurance reform." This is a new slogan or phrase the Democratic PR consultants came up with about a week ago to try to deceive the public. Obama sent out an e-mail recently saying that he knew I was demanding health insurance reform. Nonsense. I don't want private health insurance at all. I want healthcare. As far as I'm concerned, I'd shut down the private health insurance industry faster than I'd shut the cigarette companies because the private health insurance companies steal more money and kill more people. So no, I don't want to "reform" them. I want to get rid of them. Nobody has ever discussed "reforming" health insurance companies until the Democrats began flailing around for some excuse to cover the truth: they've taken hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes from the insurance industry in exchange for agreeing that they won't change a thing].

But I don't blame Harry Reid. He is a front man. Why don't the real Democrats stand up, the ones who have negotiated the shake-down, the ones who have engineered this entire scheme from the start? Because this isn't an error, not a blooper, not a mis-step by Obama, as some are claiming. This was the intended outcome from the beginning: not a thing will change to help the people, but the public treasury will be further looted to give more money to doctors and hospitals (the Democrats want to buy all the doctors and hospitals new computers and new software so they can "share" information more easily), and give more money to health insurance companies to pay exorbitant premiums to buy private health insurance for the uninsured.

But it's not Harry Reid's fault. So why doesn't the mystery team stand up?

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