Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Iraqi Shoe-Thrower To Be Released From Prison. A Hero.

(Steee-riiiiike One!)

Remember last year when George W. Bush did his victory tour of Iraq, one last opportunity to review the destruction and devastation he had caused, and an Iraqi journalist named Mr. Zaidi threw a shoe at Bush? Well, the poor man was arrested, charged with something like doing the right thing, thrown in prison. But he's going to be released from prison on Monday. A hero. A man to live in the history books.

This man fully expected that he might be shot for what he did, tortured, disappeared, thrown into an unmarked grave, murdered. But he did it anyway because he had principles. The people in Iraq have already built a statue to commemorate this brave act. It's a shoe. Who would think a shoe would become a sign of national pride.

This journalist risked his life to stand up against that monstrous murderer George W. Bush. Unlike, notably, the Democrats in Congress who for the most part sat on their fat corrupt asses and did nothing while Bush and Cheney waged war against the world. And now we know why.

Since taking control of the White House and Congress, the Democrats have done the exact same thing that Bush and Cheney did. Not only do they continue to wage war against the people of Iraq (a war based completely on lies manufactured by Dick Cheney) and Afghanistan (among the poorest people of the world), but we now are engaged in a war against Pakistan, and Obama and Hillary are staging coups and planning 8 new bases in Columbia so they can start wars against all the countries in Central and South America who want to be emancipated from the continued slavery system imposed by the U.S.

No wonder it's so hard to tell who's on what team. Maybe they should get uniforms, or something, because I'll be damned if I can tell a Democrat from a Republican these days. Or maybe they could get tattoos. The Democrats could shave dollar-signs into the backs of their heads, and get a "4" tattooed on their biceps. You know, 4 for the 4th letter of the alphabet, D. Like the Mexican Mafia does.

I think Southern California Mexican Mafia has a "13" tattooed for the 13th letter of the alphabet, M, and Northern California Mexican Mafia has a "14" for "N." Get it? "N" for "Northern" California? Of course that's partly so they can tell each other apart in prison because without the tattoos, they look and act exactly the same: just a bunch of criminals.

Which is my point. You can't really tell the Democrats from the Republicans because they look and act exactly the same: just a bunch of criminals. Do the 120 people in Afghanistan who were incinerated last week while trying to buy some gasoline on the cheap really care that the Democrats are running things now? Does it make any difference to the dead people, or their families? Or for any of us, for that matter?

Republicans have a few more MethBrains With Microphones, but in terms of the conduct of the parties, I can't tell them apart.

The Democrats need to have a team logo, one they can put on their suits and jackets, maybe have shaved into the back of their heads, tattooed on their biceps, so that the rest of us can recognize them when we see them. Because otherwise, you cannot tell a Democrat from a Republican. I suggest a big letter "D" with a dollar sign inside to show how corrupt they are, selling their votes and soliciting bribes for everything, never standing up for anything except money and more money for themselves. Then maybe some blood dripping from the bottom to represent the Democratic Wars Against Everyone, formerly known as the Bush-Cheney Wars Against Everyone.

This Iraqi journalist, Mr. al-Zaidi, is such a hero to the people of Iraq that somebody has actually built him, and will give him a home. Somebody else bought a car for him. Many others have sent money and other gifts. Kind of different from in our country where the people with principles see their homes, cars, and money taken away. Actually, that's true for most of us.

(UPI) - ... "'He is a David and Goliath figure,' said Salah al-Janabi, a Baghdad linen salesman, told the British newspaper [the Guardian]. 'When the history books are written, they will look back on this episode with great acclaim. Al-Zaidi's shoes were his slingshot.'"

"Maitham al-Zaidi, the shoe thrower's younger brother, said he expected a quick death when he acted. Bush was able to duck -- a picture now appearing on T-shirts and wall posters. 'He thought the secret service was going to shoot him,' Maitham said. 'He expected that, and he was not afraid to die.'

Just think: the entire Democratic Party never did one thing to stop this illegal war. Not because they were afraid that they would be killed if they stood against it. Just because they're so lazy and corrupt, they were afraid they might miss out on a bribery-and-kickback party being held by some defense contractor.

No heroes for us. At least none in the national political scene. Lots of speeches. Big talkers. Tough guys, when it comes to talk. But when it comes to doing anything for the people, we got nothing. Well, I guess we've always got the firefighters.


  1. The worst of it there was outcry here about such a thing being done to shrub. Your point about the inaction of the Dems. Not at all surprising since they for the most part are repuke lite anyway. Say "Progressive" or "Liberal" or "Socialist" in company of Democrats here where I live and work and you will get looks from them as if you have just peed in their back pockets.

    I would hate for there to be a need to actually trust some of them to do something important. Unless it is holding hands out for another "donation."

  2. This journalist did something amazing, and it is disgraceful that he was sent to prison. They should have held a parade for him and sent Bush to prison. How many people did Bush slaughter? And this guy threw a shoe?

    But anyway, I'm glad he's finally getting out, love the fact that he'll have a home and a car, and hopefully enough money to support himself. And I can't wait to read his book. It appears that he might have quite a bit to say about the destruction of his country by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. And Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

    Will the U.S. ever leave Iraq? Not until the oil's gone. Or until they're forced to leave -- last-minute panicked helicopter evacuations seem to be the only means of exit known to the U.S.