Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oliver Stone's "South Of The Border." Hugo Chavez, Venezuela, And The Dream Of A New America.

As I have said before, the only good thing that has come out of the U.S. Wars of Aggression against the middle east is that the American Empire has been spread so thin, and so financially devastated by the robbers who ran the country during the Bush Regime, that there were less troops to murder, less money to bribe, less energy to stage coups and otherwise dominate and oppress the people of Central and South American who have had a tiny little bit of breathing room, just a few years, a slight lifting of the American boot from their national necks.

And guess what they did? In country after country they elected leaders who stood against the United States, leaders who grabbed the national resources away from the U.S. corporations which had been stealing them for years. Leaders like the recently deposed Zelaya of Honduras who had the nerve to actually create a minimum wage for the working people of Honduras, for which he was attacked, kidnapped, removed from the country, and forbidden to return. Because he passed a minimum wage.

Leaders like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, a nation which has oil, a man who has begun the process of creating alliances with his other South and Central American neighbors, a man who tells all the people that they need not continue being slaves to the United States but instead should work together for their own mutual benefit. They should buy their fruits and vegetables from their neighbor Chile, for example, get their oil from Venezuela, have mutual assistance and training programs, work together to improve education and healthcare.

Can you imagine having a government that wanted to improve educational opportunities for the children, provide healthcare for all the people? Hell, I may end up moving there, because we got nothing going on here. The only commitment in the U.S. is to corruption, graft, bribes, deceit. Maybe it is the inevitable results of the End of Empire, the collapse of the reign of the U.S., like the Titanic, with the powerful grabbing the money and loot and lifeboats for themselves and leaving the rest of us to a watery grave.

Unfortunately the recent coup in Honduras, sponsored by the U.S., carried out by "our" boys from the School of Americas in Georgia, and now Obama's new plan to send troops to bases throughout Columbia as a staging ground apparently to attack -- everyone -- may mean that the people of South and Central American will once again be slaughtered by the thousands by yet another U.S. government. With a President who gives nice speeches, but who cares when your children are being murdered in the streets, your workers disappeared, tortured, dumped in mass graves. Just as we've done before.

I hope Oliver Stone does a good job of alerting the public to the fact that the drum beats of hatred they hear against the progressive leaders in South America are just more crazy skanky-Coulter-Cheney lunacy.

What we should do is immediately begin to build alliances with our neighbors, work together. But we won't. It appears that the U.S. is planning to begin more wars against our neighbors to the South. I guess Obama's supposed "international" perspective doesn't extend to south of the border.

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