Tuesday, September 15, 2009

U.S. Government Intelligence Agencies Fear International Economic Collapse, Chaos, Devastation. But what about the Green Shoots?

This story from NPR (link at bottom) is worth reading.

"When the Lehman Brothers banking firm collapsed a year ago this week, it prompted a financial panic that spread around the world. In February, with unemployment soaring and international trade in free fall, Adm. Dennis Blair, the director of national intelligence, advised Congress that the global economic crisis had replaced terrorism as the country's 'primary near-term security concern.'"

"U.S. intelligence analysts had concluded that a sharp drop in international money flows raised the prospect of destabilizing social unrest in countries with scarce resources and fragile governments. The collapse in financial markets had brought a sharp reduction in the transfer of investment capital to developing nations, while the global recession meant immigrant workers in the United States and elsewhere found it harder to send money back to family members in their native lands. Economic distress was laying a foundation for terrorism and insurgencies. "

... "Since February, the CIA and other intelligence agencies have been producing a three- to four-page daily "economic intelligence brief" for distribution to a half-dozen senior U.S. government officials." ... One recent EIB ... included secret data on supply and demand issues in the global oil market."

The U.S. intelligence agencies brief the top-level white house (and maybe Congressional representatives) every single day on economic issues. Everything they say is a secret. They won't tell us the truth, and our government refuses to do anything to go after the criminals who stole all the money and created this economic crisis. Instead, we get nonsensical fairy-tales from the government: the recession is over, there are green shoots everywhere, go out and spend spend spend.

It appears from this article that we are on the edge of complete collapse, not just here but throughout the world. So why won't the government go arrest the hedge fund and private equity and wall street and banker and all the others who have stolen our money, take back the money, and try to avoid the complete devastation of the world's economy? Notice how in the article they refer to monitoring China. If China tries to dump evidence of indebtedness from the U.S. -- our IOUs -- will everything collapse? Or we will just make up some story and start a war against China?

The government is afraid of us. They should be. If the citizens ever found out the truth, there would be hell to pay. Everything the Wall Street criminals did was known to our government, and all the politicians took bribes to stand by and watch it happen. That's why we never have hearings, committees, prosecutors, investigations unless it involves some white dude's penis being in the wrong place. What's that saying? Never get caught in bed with a live boy or a dead prostitute? Oh yeah -- and the speech police. Mr. Wilson's in big trouble for saying the word "liar." He should have said thieves and traitors, sell-outs, back-stabbers. Other than that, the rulers of this country can do whatever they want, and nobody will lift a finger to stop them.

The result is the collapse, maybe the destruction of our economy. What exactly has our government done in response to this criminal assault on the public? Did they go out to get these bad guys, arrest them, get our money back? Nope.

Wall Street didn't collapse, by the way. Lots of press today about how Lehman Brothers collapsed. It didn't. It's just that the con was over. They'd taken enough people that the word was out, so the top guys took all the money and ran out the back door, to the private jets, and fled the country right before the angry mobs with ladders and ropes broke down their front doors.

They stole our money. It's just that simple. They knew or should have known what they were doing. That's all that needs to be shown to get a judgment compelling them to turn over every penny they have to a public fund, to be used to reimburse the victims. So why isn't anyone in our government doing anything to arrest these men, start the prosecutions? Pay-offs? Bribes? Corruption?

Go read this article. It turns out the government is terrified that the entire population of the world could turn to mass rioting and uprisings as the effects of this economic corrupt enterprise is gradually revealed. Don't believe the stories in the press about the recession being over. For heaven's sake -- a few people stole all the money, tens of millions are now unemployed, millions have no healthcare, millions are losing their homes because they can't pay the mortgage, schools are being closed, entire states are bankrupt, and that's just in this country. In other countries, people quite simply have no money and no food. Yeah -- sure -- the worst is over, so they say. They're just worried that if people realized how bad things really are, they'd be out in the streets. Demanding that our government do something. Can't have that now.

So the government is afraid of us, afraid of all the people in the world. Good. Why don't they go arrest the rich people, the wall street criminals, get our money back, reinstate a 90% tax rate for earnings over $250,000, create a world tax as well as a domestic one, end these stupid wars, create a real jobs program, and do something to help us? They wouldn't have to be afraid of us if they would do their jobs, instead of just sitting back and collecting bribes.

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  1. They don't even have to try to cover their tracks. Keep people hungry and uneducated and you can get away with almost anything. It's not just the US government. It is worldwide. Globalization is enabling corperations to run governments and the Builderberg group is plotting to kill off most of the population. When they emerge from their underground bunkers after the collapse, a smaller population will be easier to control and less scary for them. What are we going to do about it? Protest does nothing and revolutionaries are being murdered or committed to asylums. This is not conspiericy theory. This is the ugly truth no one wants to look at. Just because people choose not to see or address these threats doesn't mean it's not happening in front of our faces.I teach my son "Power To The People".