Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama and the Democrats Refuse To Pass Healthcare Reform.

Obama and the Democrats refuse to pass healthcare reform. That's the only honest headline. What Obama and the Democrats instead announced last night is that they will do nothing at all to help the public. They are compelling 40 million Americans to buy health insurance, sending hundreds of millions of dollars of more business to the same criminals who are robbing us blind, but for the rest of us: nothing. No Reform. No Change.

The whole thing was just entertainment for the masses to deceive and defraud the public. What a show it was. Did you notice that all the Democratic women wore red, so they could try to pretend, try to fool the public into thinking this was just as important as the State of the Union? Like a revival carnival tent, I kept waiting for someone to bring out the bearded lady or the two-headed snake.

Everytime Obama opened his mouth the Democrats cheered like it was VE Day all over again. I kept expecting them to have the cameras cut to Times Square where male Democratic employees would be grabbing women, bending them over backwards, and giving them a big kiss, with excited journalists and flashbulbs recording the moment for all time.

"Good Evening" (wild cheers). "How are you?" (standing ovation). I almost think maybe Biden was standing behind Obama with signs, holding them up to the audience when the cameras weren't looking, like they do in the daytime game shows. Which is pretty much what this was. The Democrats took hundreds of millions of dollars from the health care industry -- insurance, doctors, drug companies -- in exchange for doing absolutely nothing to provide healthcare to the public. Instead of the TV Listings describing this as "Presidential Address to Congress," they should have just called it "The Price Is Right."

Obama got all puffed up when he announced that he will put some price controls on "co-pays and out of pocket expenses," but notice that he's not going to restrict the amount charged for premiums. The big money is the monthly premium. The co-pay is like forty bucks. Most people can afford forty bucks, but they can't afford the monthly premiums. So thanks for nothing.

Obama claims that he will not allow the insurance companies to "charge extra" for mammograms or check-ups or colonoscopies, but he pretends that he's unaware of the fact that most people have a deductible. All of those items would not exceed the deductible, meaning the individual has to pay for it one way or the other, well over a thousand dollars. If Obama believes mammograms and colonoscopies are such life-saving tests (which they are), then why doesn't the government pay for all of us to have them? Because he's spending all the public's money on the wars against Iraq, Afghanistan, his new (undeclared) war against Pakistan, the eight new bases in Columbia, the coups in Honduras by the assassins from the School of Americas. Everything for War, nothing for the people.

Oh yeah. That whole "public option?" Keith Olbermann (on short notice, in fairness to him) kept referring to the fact that there would be a public option. Not really folks. Read the speech. Four years from now there will be a non-profit program set up to pay for healthcare for the uninsured who are too poor to be compelled to buy it for themselves. But only a maximum of 5% of the population can participate. I'm guessing skid row, jail, prison -- that type of medical care, to people who have not one penny and no ability to pay. For all the rest of us: nothing. No help, no public option, no Medicare for All, Nothing. And just as an aside: why wait four years to provide health care assistance to the poorest people in our country? My guess is that in four years there will be a quiet announcement that this will not be funded after all.

There was also a plan for a government-funded marketplace in which insurance companies can go to sell insurance to the public. Will we be paying for the insurance agent's travel expenses, hotels, meals, as well? Hookers? Phone sex? Why would the taxpayers pay to create a sales office for insurance companies? Notice that Obama and the Democrats do not plan to restrict the amount that the insurance companies can charge us in premiums. He says they will "compete" with each other for our business? Theoretically they do that right now, and the effect has been that they all grossly overcharge the public because there are no controls on what they can charge. They're competing to see who can steal the most money, provide the least service, and kill the most people.

The big pronouncement that Obama will forbid the exclusion of pre-existing conditions? Big deal. The insurance companies will charge such high premiums that insurance will be unaffordable to anyone with a preexisting condition. Just like it is today.

The pronouncement by Obama that nobody better try to stop him: that was aimed at the Democrats in the House, not the Republicans.

This is a complete sell-out of the public. The only true words spoken came from the Republican who called Obama a liar, because any claim that this represents health care "reform" is a lie.

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