Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Extreme Ice Survey. Global Warming Is Real. Why Do The Democrats Refuse To Do Anything To Save The World?

For the eight years of the Bush regime, we were forced to listen to all the Republican morons and their Christian fundamentalist supporters who insisted that there was no such thing as global warming or, if there was, it was a good thing, and besides, the world will end soon in any event. The End-Timers thought global warming and the destruction of the environment, and all living things, was a good thing because it would speed up the whole Armageddon timetable.

And we could laugh at those people, look down our noses, because we are Democrats, we are intelligent, we understood the truth and we are not stupid.

But now that the Democrats are in control of the U.S. government, why haven't they done anything to stop global warming? The only news we've heard is about some corporate-written cap-and-trade bill that would allow the corporations to continue to do everything they do now, continue the oil-based society, the individual cars, the agribusiness, continue everything exactly the same, but throw out a few alms for the poor. That plus new laws to subsidize the coal industry in spewing invisible pollution into the air, and to subsidize the construction of new nuclear facilities to kill off our people faster. Where is the investment in solar and wind? Not from these Democrats.

So why won't the Democrats do anything? Is it because they've collected so much money in bribes from the corporations that they've agreed to do nothing? Sure looks that way.

I'm tired of the pictures of the polar bears floating on a piece of ice, seemingly in the middle of an ocean facing certain death. I would like to instead see a picture of every politician from our national government clinging to a chunk of ice floating in the ocean. Let's see if they can keep warm, find food, and learn to swim. They don't seem to be able to govern.

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