Friday, January 8, 2010

Step Ten: Force The Indebted Nation To Sell All Its Assets To The Wealthy, The Financial Institutions And The Corporations At Firesale Prices.

It's all going according to plan. The process has been worked out through experimentation on other countries in the world over the past 40 years, so it is now almost perfected. At least it's good enough to use against the formerly strongest democracy in the world, to steal its assets, corrupt the government, and enslave the people.

Here is how it works. First, look for an opportunity. A crisis presents great opportunity because people are confused, disoriented, fearful. The crisis can be man-made (a coup, insolvency, war, a "pearl-harbor-type-of-attack" such as the 4 hijackings on 9/11) or it can be the result of natural disasters (tsunami, earthquake, hurricane).

As soon as the crisis develops, the wealthy, the financial institutions and the corporations move in, fast. Civil liberties and rights are suspended. Elections are suspended, cancelled, or corrupted. Citizens are arrested without charges or warrant, hidden away in secret prisons without trial. Private mercenary groups are hired to create death squads which roam the streets and arbitrarily murder civilians to create complete terror throughout the country. Opponents or anyone who speaks out are marginalized, denied access to the media, or killed. The media is taken over by the government or their fascist supporters and only "reports" nonsense. Some people say it started in Chile with the overthrow of Salvador Allende and installation of the military dictatorship of Pinochet. Naomi Klein has written extensively about how this process has been applied again and again around the world, in her book The Shock Doctrine.

Then the assets of the state are sold off at firesale prices to the wealthy, the financial institutions and the corporations. The politicians are bribed and, in exchange, they sign agreements turning most of the government over to the control of the corporations or their representatives. So, for example, the military has been turned over to the defense industry, the public treasury has been turned over to Goldman Sachs and those it owns, the law-making branch of Government, Congress, is handed fully-written laws by corporate representatives and told to vote yes. The government is for all intents and purposes destroyed. The citizens no longer have any voice in what happens to them.

Ask the people of this country if they want to allow the Wall Street criminals to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes to our politicians, to buy laws, to buy exemption from laws. Ask the people of this country if they want our politicians to be allowed to accept bribes, to grow wealthy by selling their votes. The answer will be no. But the right-wing corrupt courts always support the right of politicians to take bribes, always support the rights of corporations to do anything they want. Again, the people have no voice in the law, in the government or in the courts.

The rich stop paying taxes. The taxes paid by working people are given to the rich as "subsidies," and used to fund resource wars, attacks on other people in other countries to help corporations steal resources from abroad. The government goes broke because it takes in little revenue from the rich or from businesses, but it spends more paying for wars against the world. Finally, when the government is broke, all government services are cancelled and taken over by for-profit corporations. Want a drink of water? It will cost you. A lot. Want to drive your car on a road? It will cost you. Want to go to an airport? Airports will all be privately owned, and it will cost you to set foot in one. Same for the trains. Same for the schools, hospitals, healthcare. Want to vote? It will cost you. Don't like it? too bad. Corporations have a monopoly over everything, and they do not answer to you.

Democracy is theoretically a system of government by which the citizens run everything, make all the decisions, make all the laws. In our "representative" form of government, instead of having every citizen vote on every decision, we elect "representatives" and send them to Congress to vote on our behalf. But when all politicians take bribes from the wealthy, the financial institutions and the corporations, when that group spends hundreds of millions to finance campaigns for their whores to make sure they are elected, and will spend hundreds of millions to destroy any politician who refuses to do their bidding, then there no longer is a democracy. Instead, we have a new form of government: the corporate government. Corporations, nameless, faceless, fictional entities behind which the wealthy hide and in which they conspire to rob, steal, obstruct, corrupt, and murder to gain more wealth and power for themselves, corporations run the country. The election, the day when the citizens vote, is just a circus. It has no real consequences.

When the Bush regime took power, their primary goal was to set everything in place for the corporations to complete their takeover of our country. Bill Clinton had advanced the corporate agenda through passage of nafta, his fireside chats to the people about a new world in which we won't need jobs because we'll all be rich, all the folksy charm of a rattlesnake, had sent the economy reeling into the tech bubble, the bursting of that bubble, then the artificially-created real estate bubble, all of which was designed to keep the citizens from realizing that their country was being taken over, their jobs sent away, the rights eliminated.

No Child Left Behind was pushed by Bush to create a system in which taxpayer dollars could be funneled over to dogmatic fascistic religious institutions who would take young children, teach them nothing but fairy tales from the bible and obedience to authority, teach them that science is the enemy and educated people are bad. Create the perfect future generation to welcome corporate control and the elimination of individual rights. Fascist children. Ignorant and obedient.

Everything done by Bush was intended to enrich the wealthy, the financial institutions and the corporations, and to strip everything away from the majority of people, the working people. Tax cuts for the rich. Laws passed to allow corporations to take jobs to third world countries to be done by slave labor. Bush fired a large number of border patrol guards to ensure that tens of millions of desperate poor people could flood our country, work for slave wages, throw more Americans out of work, exhaust the local and state resources.

Clinton and Bob Rubin worked together to eliminate regulation of the financial institutions before Clinton left office. The financial institutions gratefully paid tens of millions (Rubin) to hundreds of millions (Clinton) as kick-backs in gratitude for being allowed the privilege of openly stealing everything they could get their hands on, defrauding the public, robbing the world blind while hiding behind the U.S. military which is always available to them to defend their interests. I love that word: "interests." I heard Hillary Clinton speaking to some group recently, proclaiming that our military is always ready to go murder anyone anywhere in the world to defend U.S. "interests." Corporate interests is what she means. My interest is to end the wars, bring the troops home, invest in my country, help my people. It's such nonsense. The corporations claim that everything in the world should belong to them, be under their control, from the copper in Chile to the diamonds in Africa, so the U.S. government says all that stuff is part of our "interests." Which means our military is used for any reason or no good reason at all. Mostly just to make the rich richer.

The country is broke. We are in a state of collapse. The wars have drained our treasury. As I mentioned before, 25 states' unemployment compensation funds are gone, completely used up, so those states are now borrowing money on a short-term basis from the U.S. government so they can continue to pay unemployment compensation. Another 15 states are on the edge of exhausting their unemployment compensation funds. Soon there will be no unemployment compensation. Lose your job? Tough luck. Sleep in the street. Stand on the streetcorner and beg for money, or food.

And now the states are broke. What are they going to do? Several states have begun to sell off their state assets. They will be sold to LLCs, or corporations, other nameless, faceless legal fictional entities. But they will really be owned by the rich, by the financial institutions, and by the corporations. The same people who bankrupt this country and hid their money off-shore will now move in for the kill, buying up everything. Remember not that long ago Bush wanted to sell our ports to some financial group from the middle east, and there was great objection among the people. But that was just a test drive. It will happen.

The U.S. ports will be sold off to the highest bidder -- Saudi Arabia? The railroads and railroad tracks will be sold, as will the subways and public transportation systems. You may soon find that all the beach-front land in the country belongs to China, all the lakes belong to secret hedge fund off-shore groups, the public park system is dismantled and the land sold off to buyers from India. It's like when some old person dies and their kids throw the belongings out front for a tag-sale: grandma's nighty 10 cents, grandma's shoes 50 cents per pair, grandma's jewelry $1.00 per necklace, 50 cents for a broach. It's all very sad.

You know what happens after the state sells all its assets, but it's still in debt? The creditors (the rich, the financial institutions and the corporations) take complete control. They will order the states to shut down entire departments, stop paying pensions. No more police, fire, education, roads. Of course the roads will already be sold off. The local police and fire stations and equipment will likely be taken over by private mercenary groups, like Blackwater, who the politicians have granted complete immunity from liability. So when some meth-head Blackwater goons break into your house and trash it, beat the crap out of you, don't bother trying to take them to court. First, the government grants them immunity from liability. Second, the courts will be closed down, the buildings sold off, the proceeds used to pay the money that the states have been forced to borrow while trying to stay afloat. All this because the criminal cartels on Wall Street stole all the money and every single politician in our government is too corrupt or too cowardly to indict, prosecute, and hang those criminals. And take back the money they stole from us.

Arnold Schwarzenegger just sold off the Orange County Fairgrounds. Such a pity. But they picked it because it seems silly and of no consequence. There was some opposition, but it was small. Wait till they start selling off the local firestations, then you'll likely hear a bit more from the citizens. The idea of selling off assets that belong to the state or the country is now being openly discussed across the country.

Keep this in mind: every single person who worked on Wall Street above the level of receptionist should have been indicted, tried, then hung for not just theft, fraud and corruption, but for treason, because what they have done is to set this country up to be destroyed. But instead of us getting to walk by their bodies swinging from ropes, they have been put in charge of our entire economy, embraced by the Obama administration, given all the contents of the treasury and also essentially given immunity for their crimes. And now those same traitors will be representing the secret groups of the wealthy, financial institutions and corporations, who will be buying up everything that is not nailed down in this country.

What's the answer? Indict, prosecute and hang. Get back the money those people stole from us.,0,6186917.story?track=rss

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