Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pam Tebow Abortion Story: Balloon Boy, Chapter 2

The whole Superbowl "Tim Tebow Was Almost Aborted By His Mother" story that's been warming the hearts (and opening the checkbooks?) of the crazy right-wing anti-abortion crowd in this country should more properly be entitled "Balloon Boy, Chapter 2."

Serious questions are being raised by various pro-choice groups about Pam Tebow's sudden money-making decision to present herself nationally as an example of the reason why nobody should ever have abortion. Her son Tim, who she claims she almost aborted, is big news: Heisman Trophy football player getting lots of press. His parents, Bob and Pam Tebow are evangelistic "christians" who are all over the Phillipines trying to convert people to their religion, housing orphaned children in a place they have unfortunately named "Uncle Dick's House."

If you read the insipid biographies of the entire family, the dad Bob has been part of the crazy-right Christians (an organizer of Campus Crusade for Christ decades ago) his entire adult life. He and the Mrs., the almost-baby-killer Pam, married when she was right out of college, have been married about 40 years.

Here's the Balloon Boy story. According to the almost-baby-killer Pam, in 1987, when she and her husband had been married for over 20 years, strongly "christian," they spent time in the Phillipines. She got pregnant with Heisman Tim, but was sick at the same time with dyssentery, and her doctor told her she might want to have an abortion because the drugs she took to stop the dyssentery might affect the pregnancy.

Now Heisman Tim is going to the SuperBowl. And after he became famous and nationally known, the almost-baby-killer Pam suddenly remembered that she had almost had an abortion, in which case who knows who would be playing in his spot at the Superbowl. I wonder why she never mentioned this before Heisman Tim got famous? I wonder how much money she and her "christian" husband are getting off of her new-found fame as a spokesperson/confessor.

I know Focus on the Family is making a ton of money off of almost-baby-killer Pam. They paid over Two Million to buy airtime during the Superbowl for an advertisement during which Heisman Tim and almost-baby-killer-Pam will confess to the world that Pam almost killed Tim when he was still a fetus. I'm wondering if Tim fumbles a lot, will they pull the ad, worried that the drunken fans at home will be yelling at the screens: She Should Have Aborted The Lousy Bum!

Focus on the Family is planning to make lots of money off of this ad, and the pre-game hoopla. How much money is almost-baby-killer Pam getting out of this whole sordid public "confession?"

Here are some of the obvious problems with Pam's sudden claims about her near-miss at becoming a baby-killer. First, by 1987, when she says this almost happened, she and her husband had been making their entire living off of the whole Reagan-inspired christian-right insanity in this country. If she believes their religious views, then she wouldn't have even considered an abortion. Second, abortion has been illegal in the Phillipines since 1870, subject to prison time, so why would a Philippine doctor tell the conquering white lady to do something that would land him in prison? Third, even if she had dyssentery, there is no evidence whatsoever that the treatment for that would likely harm a fetus. So the whole story is very suspicious.

And the fact that almost-baby-killer Pam and Focus on the Family are both apparently making tons of money off this story is making a lot of people think that Pam's "recollection" is inaccurate. Maybe she's been sucking down too much wine with the wafers during the services.

Money and religion, what a nasty combination.


  1. Another well done piece of work.
    Lies and liars seem to do well when they may stir up primitive feeling among people.
    Sadly, in most cases the true believers do not want to know any "facts" which contradict their beliefs.
    And you ain't gonna tell them, either.
    Damn, I bet you are a good lawyer!
    Thanks again for your clarity and effort.
    Don Smith

  2. Thanks, Don. Chris Hedges book "Christian Fascists" convinced me that we shouldn't take these self-proclaimed "christians" too lightly, because they are a dangerous group of people.

  3. Regardless of whether or not Pam Tebow was denied an abortion it gives you no right to post about this woman as a 'almost-baby-killer'. I find it disgusting that you can judge someone so harshly let alone create such immature and quite frankly, false 'nick names'. I am not a part of the 'crazy right-wing anti-abortion crowd' but really? Insulting the church with your wafer and wine jokes are not only offensive but an insult to the people of the christian faith around the world. Maybe your time would be better off spent advocating for your cause (if you have one) rather than insulting the people who stand for something.

  4. Hey Anonymous:

    1. I have the absolute right to post anything I want. You and the christian-fascists aren't yet in charge of dictating what other people write.

    2. The term "baby-killer" is one invented by the Christian fascists, not by me. If you don't like it being thrown back at them, then you should talk to the people who invented the term to "judge so harshly" women who terminated pregnancies.

    3. It is not a "false" nick-name. The christian fascists call anyone who gets an abortion a baby-killer. This lady Tebow apparently claims she almost got an abortion, which makes her an almost-baby-killer, using the language of the right-wing.

    By the way, she did not say she was "denied" an abortion. She said someone suggested it to her, which claim has been called into serious question since abortion was illegal, with a prison sentence, in the Philippines at that time. Get your facts straight if you want to argue about it.

    4. Wafer-and-wine is a joke. It is not an insult to the "people of the christian faith around the world," as you put it, nor do I assume you even know anything about the christians of the world. It is very specifically directed at the Tebows who choose to use their self-proclaimed religious beliefs as a fundraising story to be sold, on commercial TV, to help themselves financially and to help Focus on the Family, another group of Christian Fascists. I personally find it shocking and offensive for Pam Tebow to be discussing anything relating to her "private business" on national television, but you should talk to her about that.

    5. My guess would be that you belong to some small cult-like sect like the Cornerstone churches, and spend your time sitting around with your upper-class white wealthy friends, sending racist hate-mongering e-mails around about our President, as well as cheering on the slaughter of people in Iraq and Afghanistan. I doubt there is a "Christian" bone in your body, except to the extent you use that label to cover up your own corrupt and decadent life.

    6. I'm not sure who you mean when you refer to "people who stand for something." But if you are referring to the fanatics who interfere with the right of women to control their own bodies, advocate the murder of doctors who provide abortions, support the right-wing racists and war-mongers in this country, support the slaughter of people in the middle-east, then in my view those people stand for fascism, and I most surely will continue to do my best to insult them as well as undermine, demean, obstruct, expose and ridicule them to my last breath. Apparently if I accomplish nothing else, at least I'm really annoying you, "Anonymous."