Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Elvis Presley. We Could Not Help Falling In Love With You.

If Elvis Presley was still alive, he would be 75 years old today. Happy Birthday, Elvis.

Here's from one of his performances in the later years. Some people said he was finished, washed up. Then he decided to put on a show in Vegas. Unlike any other show, ever. Amazing. Everybody loved Elvis. He was wonderful. Young men practiced their sneers in the mirror, combed back their hair, and learned to wiggle their hips when they walked. He was an icon. And because he loved his mother, all the moms loved him too. I have a theory about the true impact of Elvis. Not just musically, but hair-ily. Look at Donald Trump, for example. I don't care how many millions of dollars, how many beautiful wives, how many buildings he owns, I think that deep inside all he really wants is a microphone, a white sparkly jumpsuit and the ability to carry a tune. Why else is he clinging to that pompodour-combover except that he just can't accept the idea that he'll never be as cool as Elvis. Nobody ever has been. He was the King.

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