Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti Update - Sunday

I watched some of the Sunday morning news shows. Every American spokesperson said that the earthquake and aftermath in Haiti is "a disaster of epic proportions." I mean they used those exact words. Precisely. Like somebody handed out orders: Say this and nothing else.

One of the international aid group representatives who apparently did not get the memo was interviewed at the airport in Port au Prince. He said that all aid being flown into the country had been stopped, and everything was being turned over to the U.S. military which was monopolizing the airport landing for the purpose of only bringing in more U.S. military and equipment. Almost like they're planning to take over the country or at least the city.

Doctors Without Borders tried to bring in a mobile hospital unit this morning, which folds up to the size of a desk, can be easily carried anywhere then is inflated and creates a hospital. The U.S. military would not allow them to land, and diverted their flight, even knowing that it included critical equipment necessary to save the lives of Haitians. Instead of medical help and doctors, the U.S. Military is using the airport to bring in weapons to be used against the people of Haiti.

Then some American military guy was interviewed at the airport, and after saying that this was "a disaster of epic proportions," the reporter asked him how many marines are being brought in, and how long do they plan to stay. He said 10,000 Marines immediately, maybe more to come, and they will stay until their "mission" is completed. And then he said: The Haitian government has requested that the marines occupy their nation.

The American spokespeople keep saying that everything is being directed by the GOVERNMENT OF HAITI. But when the reporters ask: what government? Everybody was killed. The Americans reply: the president. Mr. Puppet.

If aid is delayed long enough, here are the benefits to the neo-liberal and neo-conservative coalition represented by Bill Clinton and his stupid friend George W. Bush: lots of Haitians die, and lots more leave the city on foot in one of those death-marches that history will report. Probably on PBS, in some "special" long after we're all dead.

Get rid of the people, level the city, build luxury condos for non-Haitians, pass new laws (they'll just copy the set of laws that Bremer enacted when he pretended to be the leader of Iraq), privatize everything (all the beachfront land, probably all of Port au Prince will be sold at auction and purchased by private equity and hedge fund scum), the water rights will be turned over to private developers, the country will be contractually bound to only buy and use Monsanto Frankenseed genetically modified food and to pay Monsanto a royalty for every morsel eaten. And I'll bet some kind of private educational "Christian" school system will be set up and run by Pat Robertson.

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