Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Insurance Companies Bludgeon Consumers In Advance Of Health Care "Reform" Bill

Well, they warned us. The insurance companies are apparently thrilled to learn that the Democrats not only will not put into place any price controls for health insurance, but they will also legally compel people to buy health insurance no matter what the cost.

I just got a call from my health insurance carrier telling me that my premiums are being raised from $364/month to $501/month. Why? Because they can. The agent told me that the insurance company refuses to provide any explanation for the increase, but they are raising rates up to 47% for some people.

Thanks a whole heck of a lot, Democrats, for screwing all of us. Now I really hope that nudie dude wins in Massachusetts and the Democrats are forced to go back and pass real healthcare reform. This is so unbelievable to me that not only am I getting screwed on my premiums, but the government has a gun to my head to force me to pay. And in the meantime, the CEOs of the insurance companies will be kicking back enormous bribes to the Democrats.

What I will probably end up doing (I've requested quotes to see what the alternatives are) is increasing my deductible. And, like the Florida representative said, just hope that if I get sick, I die fast.

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