Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Gathering Of Crows

I don't know if it's universal, but a lot of people think that when you see a gathering of crows, it means someone has died, or is about to die. I see crows gathering all around.

There are two suicides in the news this week.

The first involves the death of a man named David Kelly. Dr. David Kelly was a British weapons inspector. He publicly disclosed the invalidity of the Bush/Blair claims that Iraq had WMD, which claims were the basis for the U.S. starting a war of aggression of Iraq.

As we all know, there were no WMD inside Iraq. The Iraq "leader" Saddam Hussein was found and executed years ago, and the military was quickly overcome by the invading forces. But the U.S. continues to wage war against that country, now against "insurgents," who apparently are Iraqis who do not want to be occupied by a foreign country. The U.S. built a massive embassy, permanent bases all over the country, and has arranged for the puppet government to sign contracts giving away all Iraq's oil to foreign oil corporations.

None of that would have been possible if there were no WMD, and that fact had been disclosed to the world before the war was started.

Which is where Dr. David Kelly came in.

The war against Iraq was commenced in 2003.

Dr. David Kelly's dead body was found in the woods near his home also in 2003.

An official but confidential British inquiry about the death was conducted because of the obvious fact that something smelled bad. No, the British official in charge of the inquiry did not conclude that it was a "lone gunman." He concluded it was suicide. You know what they used to say in the Soviet Union? The prisoner committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. Twice.

The public understandably would like to see the information from the inquiry. After all, the inquiry was conducted in 2003. Since then we have learned an awful lot about the international death squads and private mercenaries the U.S. has been using in its War Against Everyone.

But the official who conducted the inquiry has decided that all information about the inquiry should be sealed, and kept secret. For 70 years. Below are excerpts from an article on that cover-up.

"Evidence on Kelly death sealed for 70 years"
"Mon, 25 Jan 2010 16:55:43 GMT"

"Dr. David Kelly was found dead in the woods near his Oxfordshire home."

"The official heading an inquiry into the suspicious death of a British weapons inspector who cast doubts on the main argument for invading Iraq has secretly ordered all evidence locked up for 70 years."

"Lord Hutton, who chaired the 2003 inquiry, which controversially concluded that Doctor David Kelly's death has been a suicide, secured a 70-year seal on all major evidence, including medical records — none of which had ever been made public."

"The unprecedented move was revealed last week, sparking fresh uproar and allegations of a government cover-up, since by 2073 anyone with the least interest, or stake, in the case will probably be long dead."

"Kelly was mysteriously found dead in the woods near his Oxfordshire home in July 2003, just days after his name was leaked as the source of a pre-war BBC documentary that undermined the now-notorious 45-minute dossier as highly exaggerated."

"Blair penned a clinching introduction to the dossier, claiming spies had proved “beyond doubt” that the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction that he could launch within 45-minutes."§ionid=351020601

Here's our second suicide of interest. Two Thousand Five Hundred (2,500) of the richest people in the world get together in Switzerland every year, at Davos, at what they call the World Economic Forum, to discuss how they plan to continue increasing their obscene wealth, stealing all the resources of the world, and enslaving the entire population. I'm sure that's not how they describe their function. That Forum is scheduled to begin tomorrow. Understandably, the security for such a gathering of criminals would be extremely important.

Marcus Reinhardt is the head of security for the World Economic Forum's meeting in Switzerland. He was just found dead in his hotel room. Authorities are calling it a suicide. Want to bet they've got the whole place on lockdown?

Below is an excerpt from an article at the Huffington Post:

"Marcus Reinhardt, the head of security at the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos Switzterland, has died in apparent suicide, according to a multiple news reports. Reinhardt was 61 and was found dead in his hotel room early Tuesday morning."

"The Associated Press reports the following from Davos:"

"A regional official said that the police commander in charge of security for the World Economic Forum has died in an apparent suicide. The regional governor said Markus Reinhardt was found dead Tuesday in his Davos hotel room."

"The five-day forum starts Wednesday and will attract 2,500 of the world's business and political elite to the Swiss Alpine resort."


  1. The only problem with your theory is that the Fat Cat's meeting in Davos hated Bush. Look at George Soros, The convicted criminal spent millions to slander Bush, and gave Obama millions to become President. Tim Gill is another wacked out influence peddler.

    Obama may act like a populist slamming the banks, but he's handed them billions under the table with Tarp money. The $170 BILLION that went to AIG is being investigated.

    That's right. The Fat Cats like Soros who keep unregulated Hedge Fund Billions in drug and tax havens, along with USB and other FAT CATS, donated Billions to . . . Obama. Soros even donated to McCain.

  2. I would agree that the ultra-rich share the same basic interest, which is in getting more money and control for themselves. I don't think it's that significant which politician or party they support: they support whoever they think will do their bidding.

    I wouldn't worry much about Soros -- compared to Wall Street, he's small potatoes. I also wouldn't complain about move-on: compared to Rupert Murdoch's Whorehouse, it's small change.

    Most of the rich are conservatives. A few of them are liberals. But the bottom line is that they act to increase their wealth and power at the expense of the majority.

    As far as Davos goes, it's a bunch of rich people who get together and talk about how they want to run the world for the next year. I assume there are some liberals there. But it doesn't really make any difference as long as the power and the wealth is concentrated in the hands of so few.