Friday, October 9, 2009

Widespread Swine Flu Activity In 37 States With No Medical Treatment Available For The Citizens. We Need A National Healthcare Program.

Something as common and "simple" as influenza could wipe out a large percentage of the world's population within a few months. During the 1918 "Spanish" flu (which actually originated in the U.S., in the military bases where draftees were lodged before being shipped to Europe during World War I) John Barry, in his book The Great Influenza, estimates as many as 100 million people died.

Now we have the swine flu, which they want us to call the H1N1Whatever1 flu because the people who sell pork products are understandably afraid that they will lose sales if people think they can get the flu from eating bacon. And a few years ago we had the bird flu, then the avian flu as a variation, and various other terrifying epidemics that capture the media until it turns that millions do not die, at which point they go back to the latest in the divorce filings of Jon and Kate.

But what if one of these days we get a flu that could have been controlled with proper medical care, but was not controlled because most people had no money to pay for drugs, and had no national healthcare program. What then? Talk about death panels. What is the difference between leaving people without medical protection to be killed by airborne influenza assassins, simply because both the Democrats and Republicans, in bipartisan fashion, took hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes from the insurance industry, the doctor's lobbies, the hospital owners, and the drug sellers, to stop any form of national healthcare program for this country. A bipartisan deathpanel.

Who needs a national healthcare program? Not the rich people. They can afford to buy lots of insurance. They've got primary insurance with no deductible, and they've got umbrella or excess insurance to cover everything else. Some of these people have millions of dollars of coverage. The politicians don't need a national healthcare program because they steal money from the taxpayers and buy themselves very expensive insurance with great coverage, and they "vote" on laws to say that even if they just serve for a few years in Congress, Joe Taxpayer will be providing them with health insurance for life. And their spouses too.

Who needs a national program? All the rest of us do. You know how the Republicans scream about death panels for grandma? Well grandma is going to die in an epidemic because her neighbors couldn't afford a flu shot, and grandma's immune system was compromised because she was old, or maybe sick. If anybody really cared about grandma, they'd make sure that every citizen in this country had national healthcare provided to them.

As for the costs, they keep saying we can't raise taxes to pay for it. Nonsense. Every person with insurance is already paying probably $300/month anyway, let's say $4,000/year. So let's cut that by 1/3 by getting rid of the insurance industry, which takes 30-40% off the top, and every person in the country can still pay something for healthcare, but their actual costs would be at least 1/3 less than what they pay now.

If not this year, then soon we will have a pandemic that will kill people in the millions or hundreds of millions, not the thousands. Maybe then the citizens will understand why we need national healthcare, and will no longer be fooled by the lies from both the Democratic and Republican parties. And maybe then people will understand why we should be assisting other countries to develop sanitation and healthcare systems, instead of bombing them, murdering them, destroying their countries and stealing their oil.

Wouldn't it be ironic if the U.S. invading aggressor forces in Iraq and Afghanistan brought back some fatal pandemic to this country, that wiped out a lot of Americans? I actually think I've seen this story line in some horror film. Outbreak -- they were importing monkeys illegally from some other country into the U.S., smuggling them, and stealing resources from other countries to make money, and ended up bringing back into the U.S. some terrible disease that killed people very quickly after exposure, and for which there was no known treatment. Anyway, if a screenwriter could come up with the storyline, it's probably not hard to imagine that it could really happen.

The CDC is a good place to check about diseases floating around our country. They are reporting widespread swine flu activity in 37 states, with several thousand dead so far. The immunization against the swine flu is only available in limited amounts, and, to date, is not being made available to the public. I think medical caregivers, emergency (cops, firefighters) and children are first in line, then older people with existing health problems. If somebody gets sick and requires hospitalization, they'd better have lots of money or great insurance, because otherwise they will die. And they are claiming that it is mostly the children who will die. Nice country we have, murdering our little children so that the doctors can all have second homes and expensive cars. If you see a doctor who drives a BMW, remember what the letters stand for: Break My Windshield.

Even the seasonal flu shot costs money -- around $30 where I am -- and thousands of people die every year from the seasonal flu. But our government will not provide the citizens with free flu shots, choosing instead to let thousands die from this easily preventable death. Instead of saving the lives of citizens, the politicians give hundreds of billions of dollars to the loansharks, thieves and scumbuckets on Wall Street.

For the great majority of people in this country, there will be no protection for us against the Swine Flu. No drugs available to us. No hospitalization or medical care if we get sick, unless we've got insurance or lots of money to pay for it. Just think of all the churchgoers crowded together on Sundays sneezing and coughing on each other, praying they don't get the flu but probably making it almost certain they will.

The flu map that the CDC is showing is a bit unclear, but apparently most of the flu they are reporting is the swine flu, not the normal yearly flu. This is early for flu -- October, and the season often runs through February or March.

So, no treatment available, they're not even sure the drug they've got will work, the swine flu is widespread already. Wash your hands and hope you don't die. That's our national medical care program in the richest country in the world. Wash your hands. Avoid public places. (How can you get groceries, how can you go to work, how can you live? Should we all move into caves?)

If you get the swine flu, try to go pay your congressional Senators and Representatives a personal visit in their offices. Go sit in chairs and sneeze or cough, pass it around, stay for hours, and maybe that will help clarify for them why we need a national healthcare program. Don't just sit home and suffer: take it to the politicians.

If we the citizens are so insignificant that our politicians can't bother to provide us with free medical care -- starting with a simple flu shot, but going from there to mammograms and breast cancer treatment, colonoscopies and treatment for colon cancer, heart disease, diabetes, all the big killers -- if they don't care that we die from these things and can't afford treatment, then let's go visit them when we get the flu, and let them know how it feels to live every day thinking that if you get sick, there is no treatment available to you, so you just might die.

Or go hang out on Wall Street, go visit the stockbrokers, hang out in bars where the politicians drink, lick their glasses when they're not looking, shake their hands, go sit in the headquarters of the banks that have stolen all our money. Don't just sit home and suffer. If I get the swine flu, I'm going to visit every Republican I know and, after that, all the local politicians' offices will get the opportunity to spend the day with me, even if I need somebody to haul me in there on a stretcher. Get out and do your civic duty. If you have a local government, go visit the Mayor. Give them all a strong incentive to get off their complacent fat corrupt asses and pass a real national healthcare program for all the citizens of this country.

Disease is not contained by borders and can't be fought with expensive missile systems. We just need a flu shot for our people. But our politicians don't care enough to give us something that simple that could save our lives. And the drug companies and doctors and hospitals would walk over piles of our rotting corpses before making this basic medical treatment available to us for a modest affordable non-profit fee. They are all participating in a conspiracy to commit mass murder.

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  1. Once again, you have given me great ideas! I can only hope to get the flu so that I can go sit in Cornyn's office. BTW, did you see where the 30 republican senators voted against Senator Franken's ammendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill so that females could actually press charges if they are raped by their fellow employees of KBR/Haliburton? All men, as if.....