Friday, October 16, 2009

Damn! Now What Am I Going To Serve For Sunday Dinner?

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced that 33,000 pounds of beef tongue has been recalled. The reason for the recall is that the tonsils had not been removed from the tongues before shipping.

Most of the cow's tongues were shipped to California and to Nebraska. What the heck is California doing with a bunch of cow's tongues? School lunch programs? Isn't California the leader in number of people incarcerated? Do they feed the prisoners beef tongues? And if so, what difference does it make if they also feed them tonsils?

For anyone looking for a good recipe for beef tongue, here's a tip: remove the tonsils before sauteeing. Supposedly if you leave the tonsils on, it increases the risk that you will be serving your dinner guests with bovine spongiform or what we used to call Mad Cow Disease.

And why does our country sell food products that can kill us? Because corporations treat food production just like they treat tire production: cheap labor, no safety standards, use as much poison as they can get away with, sell to the public, bribe the politicians so nobody can sue them, take the money and flee the country in advance of the angry mob. Cows weren't made in nature with inherent weird diseases like Mad Cow Disease. That was created by the corporate food masters who feed the cows poison, then turn around and sell deadly beef to the public.

And guess who is responsible for overseeing food production in this country? The federal government, most of whom are on the take, being bribed to look the other way. What a disgrace.

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